Thursday, August 29, 2013

Avoid Becoming a Fashion Faux Pas (Avoiding A Miley)

I'm sure that many of you have seen the 2013 VMAs. If not, go ahead and youtube or do a quick search for the highlights of this year's show. I'll wait.

What I'd like to focus on is avoiding fashion faux pas. What better way than to learn from those constantly in the spotlight? This is in no way mean spirited. It's a good natured chuckle. We've all tried different fashions throughout our years that we now reflect on and wonder why we ever wore that one outfit or tried out that haircut. Yes, trying something new and experimenting is always fun, but in the process, we receive great and humorous memories. Scroll below for some fun and take a stroll down memory lane over the past few decade's of celebrity fashion faux pas.

2013 Miley Cyrus VMAs 2013 Performance

While we may cringe a little at Miley's overall look, growing up is hard. Think of the phases we all went and go through during our preteens, throughout high school and continuing into adulthood. We were extremely lucky to grow up in peace and without cameras capturing each awkward phase. But still, two pom poms adorning the head, nude under garments, and a foam finger abused in ways it shouldn't.... too funny. 

Lesson here: maybe try only one 
new thing at a time? Don't try too hard? But most importantly, have fun. Have you ever seen anyone more happy with themselves? She looks like she is having fun. While we may cringe, she's getting the last laugh and the fun memories.

Poof the Powder Goes

Too much powder and not enough blending. Ever been caught like this on camera? I hear you. Your stomach turns and you can't help but smack palm to head. 

Lesson here: Blend, blend, blend! And make sure to blend some more! And don't forget that its always smart to start with less and build as you need it.


Remember that one hairstyle you had? Or did you try a hair fad that went away as quickly as it got popular? In middle school, I did the whole slick back ponytail with two random strings of hair that fell over the face. Greasy much? 

Lesson here: ... Enjoy the good memories :)

Going Under The Knife??

I've always been a big advocate for natural beauty. I believe that every person is naturally beautiful and it just takes time, self confidence, and experience to really feel beautiful in your own skin. However, those who need a little boost, good for you. Be beautiful but know you already are.

Lesson here: If do decide to undergo surgery...Don't choose cheap and don't go overboard. Finally, know that you are beautiful without it.

Do you have any memories that are just too funny? Share below!

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