Friday, August 30, 2013


               Hello ladies. I hope you all had a good and steady week and that you got all the things you needed to get done, done. For today’s blog I was to discuss necklaces. Jewelry always makes a statement; it’s like the cherry on top of your ice cream or the frosting on a cake. However a necklace is far more noticeable than any other jewelry. So, let’s take a look at the different kind of necklaces you can owe.

The classic: Okay, I’m almost 100% certain we all have the classic thing chain necklace that carries a small or medium pendant. I’m I right? Anyways, these necklaces are very feminine and they always look beautiful with a pretty low  dress or tube dress or shirt. If you want to keep it simple and elegant, you can never go wrong with the classic.

Neck Tight: Okay, we don’t see many of these types of necklaces very often. Perhaps it’s because a lot of people don’t think they will be able to pull it off, or because they always associate them with beach type of necklaces. Well ladies, let me tell you that there are some very pretty necklaces that are neck tight and look very pretty. I personally have one of the magnetic ones, and I love it. These types of necklaces look best with clothing that show off your collar bone. Some of these necklaces are thin and just hug your neck. I personally like the ones that have a pendant in the middle or some other type of design all around.

The chains: I don’t know if you ladies have noticed but in the last few years long chain necklaces have become a major fashion statement. They look wonderful if you wear them with plain tops or plain dresses, and it doesn't matter if your dress or top is strapless or turtle neck; the chains always look awesome.  They add more personality to your outfit. The nice thing about these chains is that they come in different styles; some of them even have watches embedded on  them.

                Okay friends, there you have today’s blog discussion on necklaces. Remember it’s just a matter of plain around with your jewelry and seeing what works. Not all pieces of jewelry are the same; some will look great with certain types of clothing while other will not. 

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