Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Activities


         Good morning ladies, I hope you all had an awesome weekend. And may this new week be just as good. A couple of weeks back I did a blog on sun safety, today I will be talking about certain activities you should do during the summer days. Summer, is awesome, there is so much to do! let's take a look at the possibilities.

 Camping: Camping is very fun, it's a place in where you can get away from society and just enjoy nature and relax. If you go camping with good company it will make your trip much better. Food, plays a big role too, because, who doesn't like food? Bring things you would all enjoy, and don't forget the s'mores. One of my favourite things about camping is at night, sitting by the bon fire and sharing stories. 

Hiking: Be active, go for a hike every now and then. Hiking can also be very relaxing, and it's a form of exercise, so get out there and enjoy nature. Going for a hike with a group of people is nice, you can really start some meaningful conversations ( trust me).

Amusement park/ Water Park: Woooooh, most people love going to amusement parks. If you don't like the rides, you can enjoy shows, food, and games. Most of the time, there are good shows performed, so I highly suggest you check one out. Okay, now for water parks, first of all let me start by saying that I love water parks, I think they are super fun, and very, very, very refreshing on a hot summer day. So pack your swim suits, towels, and sunscreen, and go have some fun! 

 Zip lining: If you're not scared of heights, try zip lining! I promise you won't regret it, it's a pretty amazing experience! Once you're going down the  line, you are able to see so much, you feel like a bird, I know I did. I would highly suggest doing zip lining on a nice day, because even some rain would change the experience. 

Water activities: Besides going to the lake, and the beach, try new things. Rent out a canoe or kayak, or even a about to go out with some friends and explore other parts of the body of water. If you rent out a boat and you have your fishing license you can bring so rods and worms to catch some fish.

 Every day activities: Go out, grab your bikes, roller blades, or scooters, and ago around the park or around your community; just enjoy the summer weather. Take your pets out too, they'll love it. 

      Okay ladies, that brings me to the end of today's blog. I hope you all have a lovely day, and for those Canadian readers, Happy Canada Day! Until next time. 

photo citation: Penuts Wiki.wikia. 1,July 2013

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