Thursday, July 4, 2013

YouTube and Your Beauty Genius

Do you have some beauty genius? Do you have friends constantly asking you about your beauty regimen, makeup advice or how you styled your hair last Friday night? Are you constantly trying, buying, and applying new beauty products? Are you personable, upbeat and fun? Maybe creating a YouTube beauty blog is right for you.

Did you know that there are over 1 million views on YouTube per month? Today, many people have capitalized on their beauty smarts and have created a YouTube channel, sharing their advice and tips for looking prepped, primed and perfect and all they have to do is continue what they were already doing but adding a little blinking red light to record their daily beauty routine. Some of the most successful are pulling in six figure incomes on their YouTube channel alone. If the six figure income isn't pulling you in, many of these beauty bloggers are also working with prestigious beauty brands to help create their makeup and fashion collections. Still not buying it? These successful beauty bloggers also get the special treat of being flown to special events in different and exciting exotic destinations!

Sounds like a little bit of heaven right? You are sharing what you already know but in a professional manner. Here are a few tips and tricks to create a successful YouTube beauty advice blog.

Create Your MessageWho are you and why are you creating these videos? Its good to have an idea what you stand for, who you are, and why you are creating these videos in the first place. Is it to make money? Maybe this isn't the right thing for you. These beauty blogs are about passion for the product, the industry, and helping others. If you have a relatable story or personality, you will have followers. 

Create A Memorable NameYou want something catchy and fun. While some use just their names, others are quite more creative such as MakeupGeekTV, TotalBeautyTV, LuxyHair, or PurseBuzz. These let you know what they are offering in a fun and creative way.

Consistent ContentWhen you decide to create a beauty blog, you have to be consistent in your uploads. You can't just upload once or twice, here and there. You have to be out there! Yes, being successful on YouTube requires hard work. Success is not easier on YouTube nor does not just fall into your lap.

Have A High Resolution and Quality Camera and Recording SoftwareYour videos should be excellent quality, clear resolution and free of fuzzies. Fuzzies will take away attention from your content as viewers will be frustrated with the unfocused images. If your microphone adds echo to your voice, opt to do a voice over by recording the content later.

Do Your ResearchYou have to be willing to pony up the dough to research different products and understand how each will apply and affect different people. Giving the proper advice and products will give you credibility and credibility will go a long way to increasing your viewers. 

Not Losing FocusI believe your followers are your primary priority. The purpose for these should be to share your product knowledge to help your followers. If you are only looking at numbers, such as your subscribers and if you're earning money, you lose a portion of your passion for the job. Have fun, be creative, and keep on creating you videos.

Don't Give UpDon't give up if results don't show within weeks or even months. If beauty is a real passion, keep with it. Keep creating and uploading those videos. Do not stop!

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