Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gone Are The Days of Prickles and Expensive Spa Treatments

It's so often that we discuss the hair on our head in this blog, and although that is certainly the most important part of our look, we can't forget about all of the hair that we don't want to grow long and luscious. That's right, ladies. We're talking about the body hair that makes up cringe. While we all are doing everything in our power to make our head hair grow longer, stronger and faster, we can't seem to do enough to deter the hair on our bodies from ever coming back. It is actually inevitable, unless you're getting some expensive spa treatment... Or is it? Here is everything you need to know about a hair removal method that is much better and more efficient than any kind of razor you can purchase. Stop settling for prickles, ladies. It's not a good look. You know it. I know it. Your boyfriend knows it. Gone are the days of razor cuts and blade sharp hairs.

Epilating is something that I preach on a daily basis, and my pain tolerance is next to nonexistent. The reason why I talk about it so much is because, not only are the results beyond imaginable, but so many people have absolutely no idea about this hair removal method. Epilating essentially is the process of plucking your hairs out from the root. Ouch! Don't worry, it's not that bad at all. After all, you aren't taking tweezers and individually plucking out each and every strand on your body. Instead, Epilators have a variety of tweezers within it's device which grabs a bunch at once and plucks away. The device spins and grabs your hairs and plucks, plucks, plucks. It sounds intimidating, but there's something about multiple hairs being pulled at once that doesn't make it hurt near as much as other hair removals such as waxing.

The best thing about epilators is that there are a variety of sizes and styles so you can truly remove any body hair that you desire. There are some styles that are perfect for your facial hairs, such as the upper lip, eyebrows and any other area that you need a little more smoothness to it. There's also larger ones that cover larger areas, because if you were to use a small one on your legs, you'd be there all day. In addition, the styles all have a bit of a different curve. The larger ones tend to have a curve so it glides across your legs perfectly, and the smaller ones seem to be more straight.

The trick of the trade is to keep your skin taut. You don't want your epilator to jump or bounce on your skin because that would simply be awful. If you desire to keep your hair from coming back, there are natural creams such as the Kalo set that actually inhibits hair regrowth. You don't have to spend the bank on an expensive spa treatment, and you get amazing results. It's time to get rid of those prickles, and do so painlessly.

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