Monday, July 15, 2013

Beach Wear and Accessories


      Hello ladies, I hope you all had a good start to your week, and that you are all rested from the weekend. A couple of days ago we discussed about bathing suits that compliments one’s body. Today I would like to discuss some beach outfits and accessories. Let's see what we can work with.
Outfits: Okay ladies, if you're planning on swimming and spending the day at the beach, I suggest buying a beach dress. There are many beach dresses, some are long, some are short, and some are slightly see through. As you all can imagine, there is a lot to choose from; it all depends on how you feel on a particular day. However, if you ever want to wear a beach dress that is slightly see through, they look awesome with a pretty bathing suit underneath, that way when you come out of the water, you can slip into the dress. Shorts and a shirt are always a hit to wear to the beach. Another thing you should also take is flip flops! Even when you are not planning to swim, they are always good to have; you can at least put your feet in the water, right?
Accessories: Beach skirts, this type of accessory works great when coming out of the water, you just wrap them around your waist and voila. Another thing I always suggest to bring is a beach hat. If it's super sunny out, it's best to protect the face and put on a hat. You may choose to also style the hat with a flower pin or a feather. Sunglasses are another thing one must not forget, they may not fully protect the face, but they protect one from wrinkling the eyes.
Other: Other fun things to bring to the beach include beach balls. Beach balls are super convenient to bring because one can carry them in a bag and inflate them at the beach. Another nice thing to bring is a floaty. There are many different types of floaties of course, but if any of you are planning on tanning at the beach, I suggest buying a floaty in where you can lie down, that way you may enjoy being in the water while tanning.
      Alright ladies, that comes to the end of our blog. I hope you all enjoyed it. May you all have a fantastic week ahead of you; until next time.

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