Saturday, July 13, 2013

Curling Wand Problems

Curling wands are God-sent. That's no question about that but like everything, there are likely to be things that simply drive you insane about them. So let's dedicate this post to the curling wand problems that are bound to make us ladies scream with frustration from time to time. More importantly, let's also discuss the solutions that can help deter these problems that drive us crazy so we can enjoy everything that our curling wands provide us, well prior to the styling of our hair. After all, you enjoy getting all dolled up, right?

When you are curling your hair, you often bring the it to the sides of your head so it's easier to curl. This also happens to be the easiest method for separating and parting your hair for each section to get the curls you desire. Unfortunately, once you curl your hair and throw the ringlets over your shoulder, the part of the initial separation tends to still be there. Once your hair is curled, it stays that way. In order to blend in the back of your hair to get rid of the back part, try to keep a small one inch section right down the back of your head, instead of bringing it all to the front.

If you aren't using your heating glove, you may find it difficult to curl each section right to the ends of each strand.  Personally, I don't enjoy using the heating glove and find it much easier to manage each section without it. You want to wrap as much hair as you can around the barrel of your curling wand, but nearing the end, your fingers will begin to feel the heat. Don't burn yourself. Instead, try to loosely wrap the last strands around the barrel. Since it's so hot, it's likely to still form a curl at the end of the strands even though it's not tightly wrapped around the barrel. At the very least, it'll be curved enough to deter that straight look at the end of your perfectly curled sections.

You have managed to create the absolute perfect, red-carpet ready look with your curling wand, but then you start to do your bangs and the top, front layers of your hair, and suddenly you have gone from glam to the 70's era. Your perfect curls suddenly look like an imperfect perm. The trick is to not leave your bangs or the front, top layer of your hair straight, but to not curl it either. Instead, you want to create very loose ringlets so your bangs have a wave to the bottom, instead of a tight ringlet. Wrap your bangs around your curling wand that you're holding vertically. Do not get close to the roots, and hold your hair on the barrel for a short period of time, so that your hair doesn't have the chance to form a tight ringlet.

Gone are your curling wand problems. What are some that drive you crazy?

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