Monday, July 8, 2013

Bathing Suit Tips

               Hey ladies, I hope you all enjoyed a great weekend and got the rest that you all needed. For today's blog, I would like to discuss swimsuit talk. And what kind of bathing suit works best with each body, because let's face it, we all have something we wish we could change about our body. Let’s take a look at the types of bathing suits there are.
One Piece: One pieces look good on everyone. If you however, feel that you have extra skin around your belly, one piece is the way to go. They are perfect because they hug around the mid-section and make one look slimmer. These swimsuits work wonders. And as for most things, wearing darker colours would make one look even slimmer.
Top: Alright, if any of you feel like you weren’t blessed with enough breasts, do not worry. There is a solution. When shopping for a bathing suit, whether a bikini or a one piece, make sure it has a design, ruffles work the best. Strips are the one thing to stay away from because they tend to make you bosoms disappear, especially if they are thin stripes. Another thing that works is having a top that has a pretty picture on it, and having bottoms that are plain. That tends to balance your body out, especially if you have a bum.
Bottoms: Well ladies, first thing is first, there are different kinds of bottoms, however the most common one is the underwear like bottom. Now, to compliment the figure even more, I suggest wearing the sides of the underwear a little higher. This creates the illusion of having longer legs. Another type of bottoms I have seen are the one that are skirts and have ruffles. This type of bottom works wonders if you feel like you lack a bum; they make cute little skirts. Finally, there are the swimsuit shorts; these shorts look great if you have a bit of a bum, they really compliment the figure.
               Okay ladies, there you have today's blog. I hope you all enjoyed the tips and found them helpful. Always remember, you are looking for the best bathing suit the compliment your individual figure, not the other way around. And don't forget ladies, that bathing suites can always be mixed and matched.

Photo Citation: Lawrence Emily. Top 5 Swimwear For Summer 2012. 22 June 2012. 8 July 2013

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