Saturday, July 6, 2013

Curling Wand Tips

It's been a year since receiving my first curling wand, and it was only recently that I figured out how to actually use it like a pro. I have the Cortex 4 N One Curling Iron / Styling Iron Set and have absolutely adored it ever since the first day I got it. However, I had no idea how to use it and found myself opting for straight hair simply because I thought that a curling wand took too long to achieve perfection. I couldn't have been more wrong throughout the past year. My Cortex Curling wand has four sizes, so I can switch the barrels and achieve a variety of different styles. Again, it was only recently that I discovered how easy curling wands were to use. I'm not uber addicted and am almost always rocking curly hair, so if you are in a similar situation that I was once in, this post is for you. It's for the ladies who have a fabulous curling wand but have no idea how easy it is to use, and how fast you can achieve Hollywood hair.

Get Rid Of The Glove
Curling wands often home with a heat protecting glove for your hand, and when I first started to curl my hair with this phenomenal new device, I used it each and every time but found it difficult to manage strands during curling. I advise to chuck the glove. Instead, use your fingers and be careful not to get your fingers on the actual barrel. It's must easier to manage your hair and make separations so you can achieve ideal curls. Plus, you feel the heat long before you get close to it, so as long as you look at what you're doing, your fingers shouldn't get crispy.

Wrap and Then Twist
Instead of putting the curling wand right at your roots to begin wrapping your hair around it, start at the middle. Wrap your hair around the wand and twist it up to get closer to the roots. This is easier to do than trying to put the hot wand on your head, and it gives the appearance of much better curls.

Start at the Bottom
Hair clips weren't invented for no reason, ladies. Use them because they work wonders for separating your hair prior to, during and after your curling wand adventure. Start at the bottom and clip the rest of your hair high on your head so pieces don't accidentally get curled. Then, separate your hair at the back and bring both sides forward. Start at the back and start curling your pieces and as each ringlet appears, put it to the back of your head. The hair that is waiting to be curled will be up front, and the curls already completed will be at the back. Hair spray as you go. Organization is key for flawless curls.

Take Time on The Top
If you're like me, you're totally bored with curling your hair by the time you get to the top layer, but take your time. This is the place that will be seen and admired the most. Don't curl too high to your roots to ensure you have chic curls and not perm inspired.

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