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The Perfect Red Pout

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Have a special event to attend? First date? Back to school? Or are you just feeling sexy, powerful and confident? Accessorize and finalize your look with the perfect red pout. And while the below tips and tricks can be used for any other lip color, the red is definitely bold and beautiful.

Prep Work

To apply a smooth and beautiful color, your foundation (aka your lips) has to be well maintained. Lip exfoliation will help remove dead cells on the superficial layer. If you're looking to save some bucks, here are a couple methods to keeping your pucker smooth:

  • After brushing your teeth, lightly run your toothbrush back and forth on your lips. This will gently remove any dead skin cells that are grasping onto life. Take a moisture sealing product like Vaseline Lips and Eyes and apply it before bed.
  • Create a DIY exfoliation with products found in the home. Combine a dash of olive oil, honey and brown sugar together to form a natural yet yummy lip exfoliator. 

If you're looking to dish out the dough, try some of my favorites:

Exfoliating them with Bliss lip scrub removes dead, chapped skin for a beautifully smooth finish that can actually help your lipstick last longer. Featuring finely granulated sweet sugar, almond and walnut shell, the vanilla+orange-flavored formula gently exfoliates to buff away dry flakes while jojoba seed and olive oils, shea and cocoa butters and vitamins A, C and E nourish and condition.

This unique formula is enriched with real brown sugar crystals to gently buff away dry flakes. It nourishes the lips with the oils of meadowfoam seed, jojoba seed, and grapeseed while shea butter provides long-lasting moisture.

Your Base

Like the primers you use for your foundation and eyeshadow, your lips also need a little pre-treatment to help your lipstick...well stick. There are several methods that people use. Here are a few tips and tricks I've tried:

  • Apply a light layer of moisturizer before lipstick application. Allow your lips to soak in the moisturizer. You want your lips to be soft. 
  • Before base application, blot any extra that is still on there.
  • Apply any neutral base, such as a light layer of concealer or foundation, to your lips. To get a more precise application, place a small amount on the center of your lip and use a lip brush to spread evening and accurately on your lip.

A Little Lip Liner

In order to get that perfect pout, its important to create outlines for your lip color. 

  • Select a lip liner that is close to your lipstick color. 
  • Apply on your natural lip shape. Too big? Too thin? Who cares! They are your lips and they are beautiful as is. A steady hand helps! 
  • Fill in the rest of your lip with your lip liner.

Lavish Lipstick 

Now that you have your lips prepped, primed and outlined, it is now time to apply your lip color. 

  • Apply the lip color to the center of your lip.
  • With a lip brush, spread the color throughout your natural lip shape. 
  • To add a little touch of shine, use your lip brush to dab on some of your gloss to the center of your lips. Spread evenly.

Finishing Touches 

Now to really get that clean line, you'll need the following tools:

  • Makeup remover
  • Cotton Swab
  • Concealer
  • Concealer Brush

Apply some makeup remover to your cotton swab. Use the cotton swab to carefully remove any color that may have strayed from your lips.
Then apply a light layer of concealer around your lips to really create that strong and crisp lip shape and use a concealer brush to blend. 

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