Monday, June 3, 2013

Relationship Tips: From One Girl to Another

       Good morning ladies! I'm hoping you all had a lovely weekend with your loved ones. And I also hope you are all ready to tackle on a new week. In today's blog I would like to discuss some relationship tips. So, read carefully, because I'm sure you will want to try some of these tips out. Let's get to it. 

Bribery? Naaah: Okay, whenever you want your man to do you a favor, prepare him his Favorite meal, in other words butter him up! Make sure you don't drop a bomb on him right away or he will catch on. Start the conversation smoothly and then slowly ask him what it is that you want him to do. Remember boys are always happier when they eat, especially if it's their favorite meal!

 Restrictions: Okay, I have always believed that when man messes up and he is really sorry for whatever he did.... he deserves to be forgiven ( okay, maybe not whatever, but anything you consider forgivable.) However, you can't just say, you’ll forgive him right away. If you say those words, he is bound to do it again. Therefore ladies, punish him a little. Restrict him from seeing you so often, so he feels extra guilty for what he did! It works wonders. Another thing I highly recommend is, ignoring his calls a bit so he gets that YOU have self-respect and will not put up with his foolishness.

 Tough Love: Okay, if you are in a long term relationship or if you have been in a previous relationship you know that not everything is picture perfect. As we all know, there is no such thing as the perfect person. However, there are certain times when guys are hard headed about money or simply have bad habits. What to do then? Well, when you're going to advice someone you love, there is no way to sugar code things. You have to just say what you need to say, even if it's hard. At the end of the day it shows that you are just concern and you want the very best for your man. He may not see that at first, because like I said, most guys are hard headed, but be will later in appreciate your concern.

        Okay ladies, that is all I have for guys today. I hope you liked these tips and I hope they work just as well for you as they have worked for me. Have a lovely Monday.

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