Saturday, June 1, 2013

Have You Thought About Your Skin Care Under Your Hair?

I've said it before and I'll say it again, healthy skin brings healthy hair. If your skin is looking all funky, the hair coming out of it probably isn't at its best either, right? Summer is right around the corner and the majority of us are about to dry up like a prune, and that's including our skin and hair. Let's find out what your skin care is looking like so you can decide whether you need to get some GiGi Skin Care in before hitting the beach this season.

If you never know what the symptoms of damaging of the skin are, then you'd never know whether or not you need to proceed with treatment to help repair it, right? Understanding the causes of damaged skin and knowing how to spot the symptoms will drastically change your experience when battling the appearance of your skin. Know what to look for, what to change and what to avoid! Let me just tell you, wrinkles aren't there because you're getting any younger, if you know what I mean. Aside from the ever-so-inevitable wrinkles, some other symptoms that you make notice consist of; dry skin, broken blood vessels, blotches or discoloration, growths, bumps and irritations are often common signs of skin aging.

You can blame your ancestors for this one, because if you're starting to notice your relatives aging not-so-gracefully, and you're starting to sprout some aging and damaging on your skin as well, you can most certainly blame it on your genetics. Unfortunately, this is just another thing you can add to the list of crappy genes. We all have them, right? Why couldn't we get the genes of Kim Kardashian, you ask? Well you can... It's called medical procedures! Intrinsic aging is the technical name for internal factors of skin aging, and are simply the natural process of aging. It's in your genes. That's about it. This will determine how well your skin holds elasticity over the years, how well it bounces back after sun damage, as well as how dry your skin is, how well it sheds dead skin cells and so on and so forth. I'm sure you get the point, right? Using products specific to skin care such as GiGi creams can deter these from occurring.

That's really about it. You can evaluate your symptoms and see if you're noticing some spots or imperfections and then you can blame them on your ancestors. Okay, you may have to take some of the blame for your habits too, especially if you like to roast in the sun. People often only believe skin care to be in areas such as the face, arms, feet etc. However, forgetting about the scalp is certainly not a good idea because after all, it's skin too, and it's the closest thing to the sun. So examine your skin and start opting for hair care products that aren't just for your hair, but rather your scalp as well to ensure good looking locks. And if you are noticing some skin damage, GiGi creams will save the day.

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