Friday, May 31, 2013

Prepearing for a Job Interview

      Good morning ladies, I hope the week treated you ladies well. Isn't great that the weekend is just around the corner? I could almost taste it. For today's blog I want to talk about preparing for an interview. I will cover the topics on how one should dress, what one should expect, and what are the appropriate questions to ask.
Dress Code
: Of course you want to impress a future manger, that’s why you want to select the perfect outfit for the position you applied for. As we all know, first impressions leave a lot to say. When you go in for an interview you want to always dress similar to what the dress code is for the particular position you applied for (or you want to dress slightly above it). In doing this you will show character and presentation, and ladies, employers love that.
Before the Interview: It best to keep your expectations to a standard. Always keep a positive attitude and remain cool. Interviews can always be a little intimidating, so when you go in try to keep calm. Remember you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Nerves can get the best of some people, so make sure to remain as calm as you can. Also, a quick tip, always arrive a ten minutes prior to your interview. Another tip, always make sure to formally introduce yourself to the hiring manager/ supervisor.
What to Ask: Alright, it's important to remember to ask the basic questions. Sometimes, we get so nervous that we forget to ask the most basic questions, like, wage/ salary, benefits, and schedule. Just because it's a job interview doesn't mean they get to ask all the questions, you have to get your questions answered too! Don’t ever feel intimidated to speak up.

    Okay, that's all I have for you ladies today. I hope that if you are looking for a job, these tips were definitely helpful. I wish you all nothing but the very best. And always remember if an interview doesn't go as well as you expected it to, don't give up, just keep looking; the right thing will come along.

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