Saturday, May 25, 2013

Your Aging Skin Can Affect Your Hair so Treat It Good

Although I typically am concerned with the lusciousness lacking in hair, your skin plays a vital part in the way you and your hair looks and feels, so I thought I'd give you a little anti-skincare knowledge for today.   After all, summer is here, so your hair and skin is about to get a little roasted. GiGi Skin Care is ideal for fixing up your skin care problems.

As if the environment isn't already doing enough damage, right? Might as well add on the fabulous things that it's doing to our skin. Please notice my lack-of-enthused sarcasm in that sentence. It's certainly no surprise that the air is full of pollution, the sky is full of harmful UV rays and the weather's ups and downs aren't great for our aging process either. The environment is full of chemicals and factors that break down your skin, allowing the signs of aging to appear and although we can't necessarily eliminate these potential dangers, we can certainly prevent the damage that it does to our skin by using products such as SPF, and cleansing and moisturizing daily. 

Now, your habits play a big part in the way that your skin ages and this is such an important aspect to analyze because you can immediately diminish the signs of aging by changing your habits. Everyone knows that laying out in the sun, roasting like a hot dog on a barbecue is not a good idea for your skin, nor is smoking cigarettes, drinking excessively or visiting tanning beds, so cut it out! Get ahold of yourself! You may love the bronzed look and buzz that you get right now... But you're only speeding up the aging process in your skin. You also want to take a look at your sleeping pattens, exercise routines and stress levels as these too, are habits that can drastically control aging in your skin. Now, this is where you may be shocked a bit. The way in which you move is one of the biggest factors of the causes of skin aging. Do you frown a lot? Chances are that you're going to have those two awful lines in between your eyebrows. Maybe you laugh a lot and are rocking those "laugh lines" that are commonly seen. Pay attention to your facial expressions and although you never want to smile or laugh less, you can certainly take your frowning down a notch, right? All for the sake of good skin! Oh, and don't forget your diet! Just because you're putting junk inside your body doesn't mean that it can't affect the outside! 

The causes of aging of the skin fall into two categories; intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic, as mentioned, are aging of the skin that are genetically provided, or rather, naturally aging. Extrinsic is everything else. It's all the external factors, from the environment, to our habits and ways in which we move. Who knew, right? There's one way that you can treat these and that's with a skin care product that caters to your every need. GiGi Skin Care is full of products that will work to your benefit. 

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