Monday, May 27, 2013

Plastic Sugery; Let's Talk About it


           Good afternoon ladies. I hope there is a good week ahead for all of you. Today I want to have a blog discussion about plastic surgery. I would like to discuss my thoughts and I would love to hear all of your opinions, so feel free to state your point of view.

 I had always been the type of girl who was skeptical about plastic surgery. I always thought "we are all unique." Silly, maybe, but that was my thinking. I mean, there is no such thing as a perfect body, everyone wishes they could change this or that about their bodies. Therefore, since no one loves their body 100% it's normal to have a few insecurities. With today's technology many things are possible. I mean, we all know that a lot of stars have gotten work done. And sometimes women think " I wish I could get this or that done." But the real question is, if you were able to get some work done on a part of your body, would you? 
 Like I said before I used to think differently. But now I have come to see in a different point of view. I started thinking more about insecurities and the people who can't overcome them. Because let's be honest, sometimes if you are or feel insecure about something, whatever it may be, it holds you back from showing full potential on what you can do. As you can see, I've flipped the coin and started looking at things in a more psychological way. If you would like to one day change something about yourself, there should be no one holding you back. If plastic surgery is going to make you happy, do it. It's about feeling comfortable in your own skin. Because once you're comfortable in your own skin, you can reach full potential and do the things you never thought you would or could do. At the end of the day, you got to do what makes you happy. After all, you are just looking after your best interest.

         Alright ladies, there you have my thoughts on plastic surgery. It's open for debating of course. Feel free to express your thoughts. For those who have considered plastic surgery I hope this blog was helpful. I'll leave you all with these thoughts in mind. Until next time.

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