Friday, May 24, 2013

Info on Laser Hair Removal

          Happy Friday ladies, let this weekend be an spectacular weekend for you all. For today's blog I would like to talk to you ladies about laser hair removal. I was watching a show a couples of days ago precisely about laser hair removal. And I've been thinking about it a lot now that the weather is getting nice (in my area, anyways) and women are pulling out their summer wardrobes. Laser hair removal sounds fantastic, Imagine never having to shave again, how awesome would that be? If you are considering it, let me share some things I have learned from people who have gotten laser hair removal and from the previous shows I've watched.
The laser: As with any other thing some people are skeptic about going in and using a laser to remove hair. Do not worry it is safe and has been tested for a long time. Think about it, if it was unsafe it would now be so popular.
 The Procedure: Like a lot of other things, great things take some time. When it comes to price, I’m not going to lie it can be a little pricey( depending on where you go). It would also be awesome of it was a onetime thing. However that is not the case. In fact it varies with each individual, depending on how much hair is being removed, and where it's being removed from. Keep in mind that some parts of the skin are more sensitive than others, and therefore the procedure main have to be slower.
Side Effects: Okay, don't freak out now! It's normal to get side effects. Even when you shave or wax you get itchy sometimes because the hair is growing back. This is similar, except that no hair will be growing back. The skin gets a little irritated and itchy; again it varies with each individual and where the hair removal was done. My aunt got laser hair removal and she loved it, she was a little irritated at first but after a few days she was fine. If you however experience itching and it doesn't go away, go to the dermatologist and he or she can prescribe something to soothe the itching.
What to expect: After all the sessions are done and you are not experiencing any side effects, you can be free all you want. Pull out those shorts, tanks, bikinis, and never have to worry about shaving your legs, armpits, ect.
        Okay ladies, I hope you found this blog educating and that it helped you understand a little more about laser hair removal. I’ll leave you with your thoughts, until next time.

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