Friday, May 10, 2013

Sun Safety


       Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you all have an amazing weekend ahead of you. Being out in the sun is fun, and it makes everyone's day seem a little brighter (metaphorically speaking). However, it is important to protect yourself from those uv-rays. So ladies, today I have a couple of suggestion on how to protect your skin, let’s take a look.
Protect the Face: If you know you're going to be out in the sun for a long period of time, protect your face. Especially if you're out at the beach or on a trail, wear caps or a beach hat. In doing this you protect your face from getting burnt, as well as you prevent wrinkling your face from trying to see.
     - Make up: As a woman applying make-up is part of the everyday norm. However, we should always be cautious and consider the weather. When it's nice and hot outside and you're planning on being out in the sun, you should consider what type of make you're wearing. Nowadays, there is make that has protection against the sun, and when you are out and about, it works great in protecting your face. The reason why I’m telling you this is because the sun can create blotches on the skin or on the face, but if you’re cautious and take the right measurements you should be just fine.

Body Protection: Applying sunscreen is always ideal when you know you're going to spend a fair amount of time out in the sun. When it comes to applying sunscreen make sure you apply it on every inch of your body that is visible. Even behind the ears! A lot of people forget that; I once had a friend tell me that, that spot (behind the ears) is sensitive towards the sun (weird, huh?) 
Tanning: What better way is there to tan, than to tan naturally? When it comes to tanning don't just apply the tanning lotion on. Make sure you have applied sunscreen first! Always remember this, sunscreen protects you from the sun; it does not prevent you from tanning! A lot of people have this idea that sunscreen will prevent them from tanning, they are wrong. Think about it, there are times when you tan even when you're not wearing sunscreen or tanning lotion. In the end tanning lotions just help you achieve a nice skin tone, but the sun does all the work.
      Alright ladies, I hope you found these tips helpful. Always remember to protect yourself while you soak up the sun. Until next time.

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