Thursday, May 9, 2013

Five Tips to Add a Touch of Class To Your Home

According to the dictionary, elegance can be defined as “beauty in movement and appearance” or as “tasteful opulence in form, decoration or presentation.” Beauty and tastes vary from person to person, that is why the best person to consult when redecorating your home would be yourself. But just in case you need a few more tricks and tips, here are 5 tips to add a touch of class to your home:

In order to keep a home elegant, it must be clutter free. Trash or donate items you no longer use. For those mementos or documents that you can’t part with, use technology! Scan the items and save them on your computer. Take items that do not belong and find a place that can provide a better fit for storage. Whatever it is that causes clutter, find ways to store them away from eyes.

Choose a central theme via color.
When creating an elegant space, choose a central theme within a space. Elegance does not call for bold, multi-color decorations. If you do choose multiple hues, make sure they are soft and complimentary. If you do choose a bold color, tints should be used to create balance.

Quick Color 101: There are three primary colors: red, yellow, blue. If you mix one primary color with another, you create the secondary colors: green, purple and yellow. Primary and secondary colors are complements to each other. Variations of the primary and secondary colors are called tints and shades. Tints are hues that makes the color lighter resulting in an airy, bright, happy feeling whereas shades make a color darker creating a homey, mysterious, dim, quiet ambiance.

Choose a central theme via focus
Choose the centerpiece of your room and utilize the other furniture to draw the eye towards your main focus of your room. Make sure to create a flow and movement toward the main focus.

Use lighting to create mood and feelings within the space
Elegant spaces tend to be well lit. Make sure you use sheer drapes to allow natural light to filter in or install adequate, though not gaudy, light to illuminate the space.

Simplicity is key
Elegance isn’t about an overload of the senses but about bringing balance to a space. Key words are “tasteful opulence”. Whatever pieces are added to the space needs to complement the existing pieces.

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