Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tricks to Wearing Hair Extensions For a Big Day

It's a big day and you totally deserve to look absolutely astonishing with no room for faulty, and clip in hair extensions can absolutely provide that. Of course, as long as you and your hair stylist know what you're doing when applying them, rocking them down the runway, and whipping them back and forth on the dance floor.. Your hair extensions need to last you from morning, to the wee hours of the next, with absolutely no possibility of failing to provide the beauty you deserve and desire for your wedding day. Rest assured though, your expert hair extension lady is here. These tips will certainly provide you with endless hours of phenomenally fabulous hair with clip in hair extensions for your big party day.

Blending is Key
The trick is certainly to blend the hair extensions in perfectly to ensure that no one knows that you're even wearing them in the first place. You want to look absolutely flawless and opting for the addition of locks will definitely provide that, as long as you blend like a pro. The hair color should match precisely. If you dye your hair the night before the big day, you want to be sure that your hair extensions will match the color that day, and not the week previously. Aside from the color, the blending needs to be thorough throughout as you don't need anyone to know that you have them in. It's your (And your stylists') little secret. No one else needs to know. They'll just be left completely astonished wondering what's so beautifully different about you.

Don't Let The Day Be The First Time
Hair extensions will feel a bit awkward the first few times you wear them. Your hair is heavier and although the feeling is minimal, you will definitely feel them if you've never worn hair extensions previously. Do not let a big day be the first day that you experience this marvelous way of additional locks. Of course, putting them in for a couple hours a day won't do justice either. You need to be able to wear them from morning to next, remember? It's thoroughly suggested that you prepare yourself for the added length, volume and texture.

Now Is Not The Time To Try A Different Color
You may feel intrigued to try a new color of hair but it's definitely unadvised if you have a big event coming up. Stick with what you do right now. Not only will you have to go through the regime of rematching your hair extensions, but it's not always certain that you'll even enjoy your new color. Plus, if you're changing your hair color a week before a big day, you're not giving yourself enough time to get used to your hair extensions. Avoid this commonly made mistake.
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