Thursday, May 2, 2013

Prom Hair: From Romantic To Edgy To Classic and Everything InBetween

PROM! The king/big daddy/Jefe/crème de la crème of dances!  This is the event that everyone goes all out for. For the guys, its about getting fitted with tuxes, boutonnières, cufflinks, dress shoes, the hair pomade, the perfect balance between handsome and I-could-care-less. For the ladies, its about that elegant dress, the do, the makeup, the heels, and the perfect accents and accessories.

Lets talk hair. The hair to your dress is like frosting to a cake. While it is not the entire piece, your hair accents the dress and makes the overall look just right. There are some really cool variations and styles to prom hairstyles. I have covered a few below, including some great hair tutorials containing just the right step-by-step instructions to obtain your glamorous style. Ill be sure to include a variety of long, medium and short hairstyles for you!

For long/medium hair: This combines a pouf with some romantic curls that cascade in the back.  

For short/medium hair: The great thing about this hairstyle is it barely takes any time and effort! Yay for gorgeous, chic but easy!

For long/medium hair: This hairstyle is described perfectly as edgy but feminine. 

For short/medium hair: Short hair can definitely rock some edgy hair! This is so cute! 

For long/medium hair: This is your classic updo curly pinned hair. Classic and beautiful. Great to compliment any prom dress. 

For short/medium hair: Oh you girls with short hair have it made! This is a such an easy but cute hairstyle for short and thin hair. 

Celebrity Look Alike
Eva Longoria: One of her red carpet events, she wore her up in a low, messy bun. Complimented by side bangs (or faux side bangs), this look is gorgeous. 

Jennifer Lawrence: This updo was inspired by Jennifer Lawrences romantic updo from the Oscars. 


And finally, dont forget to accessorize your hair. This could range from those cute pendants with faux diamonds to large flowers to ribbons. Add a touch of uniqueness to these hairstyles and make it yours!

Make sure to practice, practice, practice these hairstyles. You probably wont get the look just right the first time. If you do, you have magic fingers. Can I hire you for my wedding? Do not judge the hairstyle based on your first try. Grab a friend and make a night out of it! Have them help you position your hands appropriately to get the look just right. Or, get ready together! Do each other's hair! And again, practice! Do not give up.

Have a safe and wonderful Prom. Take care of yourself and be the beautiful you! Check out our blog next week for Prom makeup 

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