Friday, May 3, 2013

Paying it Forward

                 Hey ladies, how are you all doing? I hope the week treated you well. For today’s blog I want to talk to you guys about paying it forward. Do you ever just take time to be grateful for everything you have? I know I sometimes stop to think and I conclude that I’m lucky and fortunate to have health, clothing, and shelter. So, then I think some more, and I think “I want to pay it forward by doing things for people who are not as fortunate.” What kind of things can be done? Well let’s talk about some examples of paying it forward.

Volunteering: Take a chance in doing something good the community. Volunteer at a hospital or at an event that has a good cause behind it. If you volunteer, you will meet great people, and you will also be able to brighten up someone’s day and perhaps give them a new perspective (especially for people in the hospital). Take part in something good, it will make your heart glad.

Donate/ Run for a Cause: Every little thing you do counts, whether it’s a donation to a children’s fund or running for Cancer. You can also just simply donate your old belongings that are in good condition. When it comes to running a marathon, it requires you to collect pledges, so, make sure you collect enough! Think about it ladies, the running would be for a good cause and it would also be one hell of a work out for you.

Sponsor: If you have the ability to sponsor a child from a third world country, why not do it? Take a chance to help someone develop a better education, provide them with a better life style an essentially change his or her life. This is something I have yet to do but will do as soon as get the chance to. I know a couple of people who have done it, and they think it’s amazing. And most of the time, the child sponsored sends them a letter saying thank you. I have seen them, and it’s quite beautiful. I highly recommend it!

                Okay friends, I hope I inspired you to make a difference in today’s world. Go out there and do what you can to help, and encourage people to the same. Doing things like this will not only benefit the people you do it for, but it will help you view things in a different perspective and you will also grow as an individual. Hopefully good karma will get you back for doing such things. I’ll leave  you with these thoughts; until next time.

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