Monday, April 29, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

     Hi ladies, I hope you all have a great start to your work/school week. In today's blog we will discuss Mother's Day gift ideas. As most of us know, mothers are very special people in our lives, no matter how crazy they drive us at times. And in order to show them that we love and appreciate them, there is a special day to celebrate. Nevertheless you should always tell your mom how much you appreciate her. Anyways, what kind of gifts could you give to your mom? Well, since it's Mother's Day you want to give her something that's unique and expresses how much affection you have for her. Here are some ideas.
: Have you noticed that during this type of celebration there are lots of new pieces of jewelry that say mom? I most definitely have. I think the best jewelry to give a mom is a ring, because it's one of the things she can always wear. However a necklace that says mom and is a locket is also very cute. Nevertheless, you could also customize her jewelry.  For example, you could get her a ring that has all your, hers, and your siblings birthstones on it; and in the inside of the ring you engrave something special. If you decide to do the birthstone idea, maybe you and your siblings can buy the ring together and take her out for a lovely dinner.
Frames: Another thing you can do is customize a frame. Select that best picture of you and your mama and engrave a poem or something meaningful that comes from the heart; mother's love that stuff. The nice thing about the frame is that she can place it anywhere, and whenever she sees it she'll be reminded of how much you appreciate her in your life.
Gift Basket: Okay, when it comes to gift baskets you can either make it yourself or buy it pre made. I personally suggest you make it yourself because you can make it more personal and direct. Some of the things you can include in the basket are different types of coffee (if your mom likes coffee of course), tea, maybe some facial creams, and a personalized mug.  The mug can have a picture of both of you and have something writer on the other side.
      Very well, those are all my suggestions for this year. I hope you all got some ideas down. Happy shopping and may you find the perfect gift for your mom. Have a wonderful day.

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