Thursday, May 30, 2013

Graduation Looks For The Lovely

Hello Lovely Graduates!
The year is ending, memories are being relived, and tears may be shedding. Its graduation time! How did these past 4 years go by so fast? It felt just like yesterday that you were just a freshman walking down the halls, trying to figure out your place in this school, where you’re suppose to eat, who to hang with. Then sophomore year came and you are no longer fresh meat! You’ve got your foot in the door, seeing all the freshman squirming their ways in the halls. Junior year arrives and you’re so close to being gone! And then senior year starts and you are just so excited that school is almost over. You are almost there! But then now you have today, graduation is within a week, and you wonder, why did you wish so much for graduation to come? You wish and wish and wish that graduation would come, and now that its here, you wish you could just have a few more days to be with your friends before each of you go your separate ways.

But the big day is here! Be prepared! There are going to be so many pictures taken before, during, and after the ceremony to commemorate and immortalize the crowning achievement of all your hard work. Have to make sure you are camera ready but still very much fresh and fun for summer! No clubbing or prom hair here. Be young, be beautiful, be youthful.

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Classic and Beautiful
The classic and beautiful look incorporates the simple curls, loose or tight.

Here is a nice tutorial for a basic curly hairstyle. Easy and sweet!

This is actually a really cute, loosely curled hairstyle! Perfect for a summer graduation!

Thinking of something different? Want to stand out from the crowd? Try these unique hairstyles for your big day.

This first style is an upswept hairstyle that keeps the hair out of the face and still maintains a beautiful style under the cap. Ask a friend to help you or, if you plan on doing it yourself, fit some rehearsal time and try it before the big day.

This tutorial is actually a really great tutorial all around, for hair and makeup. I like the second hair tutorial best. The eye makeup is pretty, a little time consuming, but overall really nice. Hair is simple and cute! The braid, plus some light curls at the end and around the face create a nice frame!

So cute!!! Please try this is you are stressing out at all for a hairstyle for graduation! Totally cute!

Something fun and retro!

And graduates, don't forget to have some fun with your caps. Be unique and personalize your cap or plan something with a group of friends. See below for a collage of cute caps I found online. Have a special college you are proud to go to? An amazing major that you are excited to be a part of? Envision, design, and create a fun cap! 

Congrats again! And create some great memories this week!

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