Saturday, May 4, 2013

Beach Day Hair Tutorials

It can be extremely difficult to come up with a hair style that you can rock to the beach. After all, you're going to the beach so you certainly can't get all dolled up because you would stick out like a sore thumb, and not in a good way. The beach is one of those places where you can't get too ready for, yet you don't want to look like you just rolled out of bed either. That's also not to mention that your hair is about to get wet, your makeup will also melt off and well, you need to find something that can hold you over from the time you step foot in the sand, to the time the sun hits the horizon. Here are the best hairstyles to wear for a beach day!

Beach Braids are the easiest thing to wear to the beach while absolutely killing the beach look. You'll be one hot beach babe, that's for sure. Braids are wonderful because the closer you get to the water, the windier the air. If your hair is down, it's probably going to resemble something that you would see after walking out of a hurricane. Braids are always chic and pull your hair off of your face while providing an exceptionally easy, manageable and beachy hair style.

Get Knotty which the trendiest hair buns and knots this season. Again, this pulls the hair off of your face so you're not sweaty buckets underneath your mane, but the best benefit is how easy you can throw your hair up into a totally chic bun. Sock buns are super easy, but you may not want to roll a sock in your head on a public beach. This is when a top knot can work its wonders. Throw your hair up into a pony tail. Separate it into two pieces and individually twist each other around your elastic band and pin with some bobby pins. Voila. Up and off your neck while looking adorable on the beach. Hey! You have beach boys to impress, right?

The Classic Ponytail. Now, before you write this option off as being too generic, did you know that a variety of polls have shown that men think a simple pony tail is one of the sexiest looks a woman can rock? Fine by me because it's also the easiest look to achieve. After all, you've probably been doing it since your hair was long enough to throw up into one. You can go high, or low with your ponytail. Both provide a different look.

I do recommend that when you're heading to the beach, have a leave in conditioner bottle with you that is specific for detangling and conditioning. These often come in spritz bottles so you won't look like a weirdo  lathering your hair in leave in moisturizing creams. A few spritzes and comb through your hair to deter any breakage. Always wait for your hair to dry before tying it up to also deter any possible hair breakage.

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