Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Little Glamour For Prom

       PROM TIME!                                                                                                    
For most, prom is right around the corner! a night of glitz, glamor, memories, and maybe just a little bit of tears. How exciting! You should be more focused on enjoying the night than worrying that your makeup is applied right and staying on all night. You have a few options when it comes to having your makeup applied for prom: Hire, Buyer, Styler.


You can hire a cosmetologist to apply your makeup for you. Pricing can range from cheap to bank breaking depending on the years of experience the cosmetologist has. To go the cheap route, you might want to contact a student in cosmetology school. NOTE: if you decide to do this, I would HIGHLY recommend having a practice run a week or two before! You can also check our your local salons and spas that offer makeup application. The prices I've seen range from $35-$60. 


Go to your local department store like Macy's, Nordstroms etc. and have them apply your makeup. Some makeup counters like M.A.C. require you to purchase a certain dollar amount of makeup in order for them to do free makeup application. Others that I've gone to, like Shiseido or Benefit have done my makeup for free (I am guilty of fibbing and mentioning I was shopping around for makeup ;p). 


The cheapest way would be to apply the makeup yourself! Well, by cheapest, I mean labor-wise. If you end up going out and purchasing makeup, you might as well go to the department store, purchase the makeup, and have them apply it for you. There are a plethora of tutorials online that can assist you with makeup application.

Below you will find a few makeup applications that will suit whatever style you are trying to achieve and a few tips and tricks to making sure that your makeup stays on all night! Click on the title to go to the youtube video>>>


Looking for something edgy? This is the perfect look that mixes glitter, smokey eyes, and kiss me red lips! 

Glitz & Glam - Monroe                                                                                          

Take on a little Marilyn with this old Hollywood look. Classy for any look.

Glitz & Glam - Beautiful Prom                                                                               
I love this look. Its so elegantly pretty, calling the right amount of attention to each feature of the face. The whole face is done up but isn't an overload of makeup everywhere. Gorgeous!

Au Natural                                                                                                             

Kandee Johnson is probably one of my favorite youtube makeup stars. She has such a lovely personality and is a joy to watch. I can't help but feel silly because I laugh right along with her! 

Tips to Keeping The Makeup On All Night                  
Think Primer. Like Paint? Yes! Primer for your foundation, primer for your eyeshadows. And then don't forget your setting spray. Here are a few items that I always keep in my bag.

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