Friday, May 17, 2013

Birthday Ideas for Your Significant Other ;)

      Good morning ladies, I hope you are all doing well on this Friday afternoon. For today's blog I would like to talk to you ladies about gift ideas for your boyfriend or husband. What to get people is always a struggle when they don't hint you. Sometimes your man will hint you on what he wants (which means, he would be a little sad if you didn't get it). However there are times in where your man doesn't hint you at all! Hmmmm, how to decide what to get him; well, every guy is different but there are certain things you just can't go wrong with, let’s take a further look.
Games: Up until this day, I don't think I have met a guy who doesn't like to game. So, find out what kind of new games are coming out and what kind of games your man would like, or get him a gift card if you're not sure. Another thing you can do is buy him an Xbox live membership so he can play with his friends. Believe me, no guy is ever too old to play video games, my dad still plays.
Tickets: Ah, tickets to what? Well that all depends on what your man likes. If he's really into sports you can buy tickets to go watch his favorite sports team if there is a home game and if it’s a local team. You could also get him concert tickets to his favorite band or get him opera tickets (if he's into the classical music). Tickets for something he likes is something you can never ever go wrong with.
Vacation: Can you imagine, being surprised with a vacation trip! Those are the best types of gifts that can be given on birthdays!  Take your love somewhere where there is nice weather and good food. I can assure you, that if you do this, your man will be overjoyed, and speechless.  
: okay, if you really can't figure out what he wants and he doesn't need anything, take him on a shopping spree. Give him a limit, make him try funny things, take silly pictures and have fun, make it is fun as possible. At the end of the shopping date, take him to a nice romantic dinner and get fancy.
      And that's a wrap to today's blog. If you have any other suggestions on what a woman get her boyfriend/ husband, please don't hesitate to share. Have a wonderful weekend!

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