Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Great Gatsby: Fashion of the 1920s

The release of the Great Gatsby is the responsible party for releasing the floodgates of today's take of 1920s fashion. Oh the 1920s! What a marvelous time for fashion, lavish parties, dancing, and all around haute decade. This era has literally been coined the "Roaring 20s" attributed to the feeling of a decade long, lavish party.

Fashion of the 1920s
Fashion entered its modern era in the 1920s decade. Fashion stepped away from the "rules" and "restricting fashions" of the decades before and began to create a vision where short skirts and trousers were seen on women and men did away with the highly formal daily attire.

The 1920s also saw the introduction of shorter skirts with pleats, gathers or slits that allowed for movement and motion (whereas the older society still clung to the conservative dresswear). The flapper look was also born during this decade. This look provided a more functional dress wear however flattened the bust line rather than accentuating it (isn't that strange how emphasis changes from time to time?). Straight-line chemise, close-fitting cloche hat, low-waisted dresses with fullness at the hem, shift type dresses with no waistline were all popular during this era.

1920s Influence on Today's Fashion Society
One point of fashion that is still around today are men's suits. Men's suits today are still based and mimic the stylization of the suits from the 1920s. However, a classic is always a classic. The 1920s influence is still seen today on several celebrities and even in the mainstream clothing you and I buy at our local, mass produced stores.

Adding A Touch of 1920s To Your Looks

Add Knee & Thigh High Stockings: Add colored or patterned knee-high or thigh-high stockings with garter belt to your outfit! Think cute skirt or mini sweater dresses.

Pearl Necklaces: Nothing like a little pizzazz to an outfit than long, layered pearl necklaces.


Drop Waist Dresses: Seen any of these dresses? Own any? These dresses are fashioned after the 1920s! Who would have thought it was around you at every turn? 

Headbands: Hair Accessories are so cute! Add the 1920s flair with a cute headband.


Classic Heels: Short, semi chunky heels were heavily worn and are influenced by the 1920s woman. These are both professional but stylish, and cute with jeans, skirts and shorts!!!

Play around with the era, mix different decades. ITS FASHION! Have fun, feel beautiful, and be unique!

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