Friday, April 12, 2013

Glitter Fashion

 Wow, the month of April is definitely passing by quickly! I certainly hope all you ladies had a stupendous work/school week. For today's blog I want to focus on the fun of using glitter. A lot of people when they think glitter, they think mess. And I can completely understand because glitter can be messy, but it can also be fun to wear and very, very, very pretty. Let’s take a look at how glitter can be rocked.
Body Glitter
: Okay, there are obviously many kinds of glitters that can be worn. There is loose glitter that resembles powder; however I do not recommend this one. Instead I recommend using glitter lotion. In buying glitter lotion you are making sure that glitter will stick to your body and not you clothing! Now when it comes to applying glitter make sure you don't overdo it! You don't want your body to be super sparkly; instead you want it to be glamorous and sexy.
Eye -shadow: This is one of my favorite looks. I obsoletely love seeing glamorous make up. It's such a night time type of look, don't you think? Anyways, what kind of glitter is used for the eyes? Well ladies there is two types of shadows available, there is the creamy glitter ones or the regular eye-shadow pallets. I have no particular preference when it comes to these two options. However when you are trying to achieve that glamorous glitter eye makeup, you must wear primer! We already agreed that glitter can be messy.... in this case however; even eye- shadow gets messy if you don’t wear primer, So don’t forget the most basic step.

 Nails: Nail glitter has become quite common in the past couple of years. And indeed glitter nails look quite cute. However it's not an everyday look that can be pulled off. It's a type of look you can pull off during certain events (that is if you're going to paint all of your nails with that glittery polish). Instead of painting all your nails with glitter you may decide that you want to use glitter to help create a design (glitter designs look awesome!). If you just use the glitter to decor your nails you can rock the look any time because it's not as heavy as painting all your nails with glitter.

 Accessories: Another way of rocking glitter is through your accessories. There are tons of glamorous glittery things. It's just about finding the right ones. For example you can purchase a gold glittery belt and wear it with a plain outfit. Or you can buy a sparkly headband and wear it with a little black dress. The beauty about these types of accessories is that they put more wow into your outfit, they give it more life. The key to being able to wear sparkling accessories is to wear plain outfits. In this way both your outfit and your accessories complement each other.

            Very well my lady friends, I hope you enjoyed today's blog. Now go enjoy your weekend with your loved ones, until next time.


  1. you forgot to include glitter hairspray...

    1. Oh I hadn't heard if that! I shall look into it, thanks :)