Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chlorine Hair Treatment

Chlorine Hair. Ugh. It's just treacherous, isn't it? Your hair feels rough, hard and fairly undesirable but of course that's not going to stop you from going swimming, and it certainly doesn't have to. There are a variety of hair care routines you can take to help deter your hair from chlorine damage while also treating it afterwards. Don't worry though. If you're only swimming in chlorine water once in a while, it shouldn't really have an effect on your hair. However, frequently swimming in chlorine water can certainly cause significant damage. Well, if you didn't have these tips, of course.

Soaking your hair with cold water will help deter the chlorine water from soaking into your strands. It's somewhat similar to the sponge theory. If a sponge is already soaked in water, it will only retain so much more of it. This can be said for your hair as well. Thoroughly rinse your hair with cold tap water (Most pool areas do have an outside shower head) prior to entering the pool. 

Once you're out of the pool, remember to rinse, rinse, and rinse like you've never rinsed before. It will start the process of removing the chlorine from your hair well before it can truly settle in your strands. Again, most pool areas do offer a shower facet on the site which you should honestly take advantage of, even if you're going back in the pool in a bit. Rinse right away. Every time. Before and after.

If you're heading straight home after a pool visit, you should jump in the shower and actually clean your hair with some chlorine specific shampoo. This will immediately take out the majority of the chlorine which is currently in your hair after you've rinsed it on the pool deck from when you initially got out of the water. There are great options for chlorine treating shampoos for both adults and children, and certainly chlorine has the same effect on both hair, and it's never too young to start treating those strands with some tender love and care.

Lastly, you want to add in a boost of moisture since chlorine and the process of removing chlorine from your hair has essentially removed the nutrients that your locks need to remain luscious. Leave in conditions work wonders and will help detangle the dry mess that often comes after a swim in a chlorine filled pool. If you've been swimming in chlorine often, a deep moisturizing hair therapy may be needed twice a week to maintain the look your hair desires.

The other option that truly doesn't seem realistic to provide to such stunning babes such as yourself is the recommendation of wearing a swimming cap. Seriously? Everyone's thinking it, and there's no way you're going to a public pool with that thing on your head. However, if you don't care this could be a great way to protect your strands. Your fashion and style, on the other hand will be totally sacrificed at the same time.

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