Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week 2: "I'm Sexy And I Know It"

Hello Readers!
How was week 1 of workouts? Were you able to complete all the challenges? Some? One? Any step is the step in the right direction. Even if you could not complete all three sets or complete all the workouts, or skipped a day, that is completely fine! You need to start somewhere. Use this as your base point and slowly increase your activity every week.

I can tell you that I was incredibly sore and I am not afraid to admit it. There is definitely a good sore that says, "Yes, I used my body today beyond the ordinary day to day activities!" This week’s activities will be different and will help target different muscle groups and decrease boredom from doing the same workout time and time again. 

And how silly of me to start the “week” on a Monday when I post this on a Wednesday. A-doy! “Smack palm to forehead”. So it’s a new week and a new workout plan. Let’s go readers! 

Wednesday & Sunday - Cardio

We have a nice running path in our community that is broken up by residential streets. Find a good stretch of land or just use your street, going back and forth. Doesn’t matter where, just as long as you have a start and end stop (and yes, even your driveway will work! Have to start somewhere!). This is your challenge for cardio Wednesdays and Sundays (or whatever day you happen to read this).
1st Set: First ½ of first block/driveway/space of land: walk and stretch. Last ½ of first block/ driveway/space of land: light jog

2nd Set: SPRINT! Yes I said it, SPRINT! Go as fast as you can for as long as you can. When you feel that you can’t go as fast anymore, keep going as fast as you can! Even if you slow down from your initial sprint speed, it is a-okay. I started with a crazed out “I can do this” sprint and about half way I was already jogging! But don’t worry about it and make your final goal the end of the block.

3rd Set: Walk the distance

4th Set: SPRINT! Do it all over again. As fast as you can, even if you slow down during the distance, for the whole way! Even if you slow down to a jog that is fine! Just as fast as you can at the moment! And don’t give up! 

5th Set: Cool down and Walk. Do this twice if you want a challenge or if you feel that the first round was not good enough! You can do it!

Friday & Monday-Core

Oh man, I hate working out my core. I am so lazy about it and then I start to think I don’t need it. But working out your core is very important! Besides the aesthetically pleasing bonus of nice, carved and toned abs, working your core out helps support your lower back! Experiencing lower back pain? Work on posture and your abs!

Ok let’s ease into the core workouts. Nothing too difficult, but interesting enough that you aren’t just doing crunches! Yuck. 

Instead of pictures, I thought it better that you actually see how to do the workout correctly. Last thing you want to do is hurt yourself because of bad form. See videos below for your core work out for today.

This first video is from DietHealth on Youtube:

Ab Exercise 1: Don’t cheat by lifting your butt crazy high in the air and DO NOT arch your back. Keep your back in a straight line and use controlled movements to bring your knee to your chest. You do not have to move as fast as she does. Less repetition with better form is better than a ton of repetitions and poor form.
Ab Exercise 2: Keep back straight please  Comment below on how you like these exercises. Looking to target a specific region on your body? Let me know and I will come up with a plan to help you target that area.
Ab Exercise 3: Again, keep your back straight from tailbone to head. Keep your eyes down. Use a mirror to help ensure that you are keeping proper form. Bring knees in slowly and push back out. You will find that this is an intermediate workout and that you may only find that you can only do 3-5 before feeling fatigued. And that is fine. This is your starting point. When you do this again on Monday, try for 1 or 2 more reps per set. Push up is option. 

And don’t forget to pair these workouts with healthy eating. Healthy doesn’t mean cutting out the yummies but eating everything in moderation.

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