Friday, March 15, 2013



       And once again our favorite day of the week has arrived, woooh it's Friday! I hope you all had a productive week and an amazing weekend ahead. In today's blog I will be talking about hats. Not many women wear hats on the daily, but that doesn't mean they are not topic worthy. In fact there many different types of hats that can be styled according to your outfit, and you can even style the hat it’s self if you choose. Let’s take a look.
Caps: Alright, caps are definitely not very popular, and by that I mean, not many women wear them. Nevertheless they are pretty awesome to rock if
you feel comfortable with them. Caps are good to wear at the gym, they keep your hair out of the way (if you have long hair however you may also want to tie it up). Caps are also pretty cool to wear when you simply want to be comfortable in a pair of jeans/ shorts and a tank or beater; they give your look more POW. Wear your sneakers and you'll be good to go. These outfits are usually good to wear of you're going to an amusement park or just going for a walk on a trail.
Fedora Hats: Okay, these particular hats are more commonly seen. I personally think fedora hats look great on their own, without any decor. Some even come with lace on them, and they look very cute. The nice thing about these hats is that you can wear them with shorts/jeans/leggings and a pretty top, or a tank and cardigan. These hats can even be worn with summery dresses. Fedora hats unlike any other hats are very versatile. If you ever want to purchase a hat, I suggest giving the fedora hats a shot.
Beach Hats: Summer, summer summer! It's my favorite season. And I also happen to love beach hats!  When it comes to purchasing one of these hats I get them in different colors. Some already come with designs or decor, but most of them don't. For the ones that are not accessorized, there is no problem! If you purchase a plain beach hat you can accessorize it according to your outfit or bathing suit. You may decide to put a lace around it and tie a big bow or you can buy flower pins and place them on the side. The nice thing about these hats is that if you are wearing summery clothing they will always look good.

      And there you are ladies; those are my tips on what outfits you can rock with all the different types of hats and how you can style beach hats. Remember to always mix and match and play around to see what looks best.  


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