Monday, March 11, 2013

Things to Always Keep Near Your Bedside


            Welcome back to Monday ladies. I hope all of you are having a productive day so far. Did you know that, everyone has an alarm clock, a phone, or a lamp by their bedside? But what are other things you should keep by your bed? For today’s blog I want to talk to you ladies about a few things that are always, great to keep beside your bed; so listen carefully and try them out!

Pen and Paper: Alright, in previous blogs I’ve told you that it’s always good to create a vision for yourself and set goals. But what if one night you’re lying in bed and all of the sudden you come up with a great idea? Something you must seek through with? Chances are that in the morning you will not remember all the details you had thought about the night before. Therefore the best thing to would be to write them out. Other times you may have crazy dreams that are so worth writing down…. And it’s best to do so as soon as you wake up, because dreams tend to be forgotten. I don’t recommend using your phone to type them out because, in the world of today, they are too distracting with all the apps our phones carry;  and we all know that once distracted our chain of thought is gone.

Facial Towels: Okay, you may be thinking, what can facial towels do for me? Well guess what. You can use them in the morning before getting up, as a method of waking yourself up without having to get out bed (I don’t know about you but I love walking up and laying in bed for a little bit before actually getting up) . Another thing you can use those face towels for is removing your make up. You know on those nights when you completely want to crash in bed? Yeah, I’m talking about those nights…. The facial towels will take your make up right off, which means you will wake up without a gross white spot on your face! Say no to pimples.

Water + Emergency Kit: Alright, water is always good to have beside your bed. Sometimes we get up in the middle of the night feeling super dehydrated! And that’s never good; it means you have to get out of bed, and try to fall asleep again.  Water is also essential to have by your bedside just in case (knock on wood) a natural disaster were to occur. Some people even go the extra mile and buy small first aid kits. And Like they all say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

            Okay my friends there you have it. I hope you liked these tips I shared with you, and if you decide to try them out, let me know how they work out for you. Always keep in mind that some of our best ideas come to us while we are about to fall asleep. So if anything I highly suggest keeping that pen and paper by your bedside.

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