Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rock Big Rock Star Hair Healthily

Call it crazy, call it fugly. In fact, you can call it whatever you want to call it. There is one hairstyle that the season simply can't get enough of. It's certainly something you've seen before, maybe on Amy Winehouse (RIP), or within the musical, Hair Spray, only... The version that is currently being adored, and that you will also totally fall in love with, is so much more chic, simple, and well... It actually looks good. How in the world can a beehive look like anything other than a large rat's nest, you ask? Well, that's why you're reading this post, right?  The hair industry likes to call this hairstyle the Modernized Beehive. It's current with today's hair trends, and it's a look that provides some exotic fierce fashion within your entire appearance, and every true fashionista knows that your style goes well beyond the clothes that you wear. Accessorize your fashion with a modernized beehive.

You're probably stuck at the whole appearance of Amy Winehouse and her largest disaster, which was most certainly her hair. The modernized Beehive is actually not a beehive at all. This hairstyle actually received it's name simply because of the massive teasing involved, and although teasing isn't necessarily the healthiest thing you can do to your hair, it's also not the most damaging either and unfortunately, beauty is pain. The trick is to have efficient and effective alternatives which will be talked about next. In a nutshell, the modernized beehive is where your hair has a total overblast of volume. Not just a little teasing at the crown. Rather, a massive and total overdo of all voluminous things. The ideal look is with a tight headband, and then a blast of volume that follows. 

Now, with extreme volume, you can only image how horrible this hairstyle can be to your hair. Luckily, with the beauty and hair world being rather concerned about the health of your locks, there are a variety of effective and efficient alternatives to teasing your tresses that will still provide that OOMPH desired. For example, opting for a Volumizing shampoo and conditioner, such as the AG Volume Thikk line is the first step to big hair. Now, for that extra height that is required to pull off this look, you will have to opt for an excellent Volumizing spray, such as the AG Volume Big Wigg Root Volumizer. You can also opt for leave in conditioners from this line that will also provide that blast of height and health that you'll need to pull off this look flawlessly.

As mentioned, the Modernized Beehive look is so simple. It's just a great deal of volume that is effortlessly fabulous. Sleek your hair back with a tiny and tight elastic headband that tucks behind your ears. I recommend an actual elastic as opposed to a headband because the elastic is tighter and really pulls back those tresses. Right after that elastic-sleek part of your hair ends, add that volume, baby! Tease, Spray and Poof that bad boy into all kinds of fabulousness.  Once you have perfected this look, you can pull off something similar to Carrie Underwood up above.

It's haute, and a totally to-die-for Rockstar perfect look! 

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