Friday, March 8, 2013

Snacking it up

      Happy Friday ladies, and happy international women’s day!!! I hope you all had a great and successful week. For today's blog we will be talking about enjoying and savoring delicious snacks.  Did you know that throughout the day we constantly think about food? (At least I do, I hope I’m not the only one). You'll be surprised to learn that there are some very yummy and healthy snacks that are inexpensive and taste very good.
Ice Cream and Strawberries
: Who ever said having ice cream was heavy and fattening? Honestly it all depends on whether or not you buy the low calorie one or the regular one. As much healthier choice I say go for the light one. At the end of the day we all need a certain amount of calories, so why not enjoy ice cream? Adding strawberries would only increase the goodness of this snack, believe me it's the bomb.
Yogurt Shake/ Smoothie: Alright, this is a perfect snack if you are slightly hungry but don't want to change your eating schedule. All you need is plain yogurt and a mix of fruit; I prefer to add in a lot of berry family. Depending on how you like your milkshake you can chose to add a little bit of skimmed milk and sugar. Another drink you may choose to prepare is an antioxidant smoothie. In your smoothie you may decide to add, spinach, green apple, kiwi,  ect.
Baked Apples or Pears +Nuts Okay, the caramel sounds heavy (but ladies, it's all about measurement). Alright when it comes to baking these fruits you don't actually want them to get super crunchy, you want them to be soft and light. In order to do this you should place a little bit of water on the tray. Once they are ready you can mix in a bit of hot caramel and nuts. If you don't have nuts you can add some oats instead.
      Okay, there you have it ladies. These are just some quick, healthy, and easy to make recipes. Remember you can treat yourself to a certain sweet of you know how to portion a reasonable amount. It's all about keeping it healthy, real, and delicious. Bon appetite.

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