Thursday, March 7, 2013

Time To Get Your Sexy On

When we get caught up in school, work, family, friends, and any of the hundreds of other element in our lives, we sometimes forget to take care of something that is super important: our health. Our health often times gets placed on the back burner and is secondary, tertiary, quaternary, or even one hundredthary to every other facet in our lives.

While we’ve covered several types of foods that can get us healthy nutritionally, adding a physical routine is also very important! Let physical routines be a supplement to your healthy eating. Like they say, everything is better in pairs! And this is one of those duos that is doubly awesome for you.

For this week’s challenge, I am challenging you to follow and keep up with the below work out routine. The work out routines will change weekly and will progressively get harder each week, allowing you to target different muscle groups and will decrease the chances of you becoming bored with the work out.


Ok before you even scroll down to the next day, I want you to know that this isn’t your 3-mile sprint or endurance run/bike ride. This is something to get your heart pumping, your muscles warm and your body prepped for later cardio sessions. And by later I mean a few weeks. Here’s Monday’s cardio session:

Talk a regularly paced walk for about 5 minutes. This will help warm up your muscles.

For the next 10 minutes, continue to increase your pace until you are at a fast, brisk walk, almost jog. Pace this gradually through the 10 minute interval so you build up to the fast walk, almost jog.

Take a light jog for 5 minutes.

Walk 5 minutes.

Jog 1 minute.

Sprint 30 seconds.

Jog 1 minute.

Sprint 30 seconds.

2 minute cool down.


For this day, you will be focusing on the muscles in your upper torso: the arms, back and shoulders.

Basic Stretching for approximately 5 minutes. This will help warm your muscles up. Cold muscles = injuries. Warm muscles = ready for work out.

Bicep Curls Stand with a 5 pound weight or a can of soup in each hand. Hold weight or can in palm with arms hanging down the side of your body. Using your bicep, bend your elbow to bring the weight/ca to your bicep. 3 sets of 7 bicep curls.

Tricep Dips All you need for tricep dips is a chair or a bench. Face away from the chair and place your palms shoulder width apart on the edge of the seat. Place your feet hip width apart. Straighten your arms but do not lock your elbows and then bend your elbows until they are forming a 90 degree angle. 3 sets of 7.

Triceps often get overlooked but are important if you work out your biceps. If you work out one set of muscles be sure you work out the muscles that are opposite of that muscle also! If you don’t, you may be prone to injuries or an unbalanced physique.

Friday-Repeat Monday Cardio Session 

Sunday: Legs and Butt

Lunges You can perform lunges with or without weights. This is your own preference. We will be doing three versions of lunges: front, side, and back.

Stand feet together. To perform a front lunge correctly, you will need to step in front with your right foot and bend at the knee to create a 90 degree angle. Your weight should be in the front foot. Your back leg should balance on the ball of the foot and should be straight behind you to start. As the front foot bends, the back foot will also bend.  Make sure the back knee does not touch the ground. Also, keep your torso and abdomen straight and be sure your shoulders are set comfortably back and away from your ears. Repeat on left side.

Side lunges are basically the same thing but you step to the side. Stand feet together. With one foot, step out to the side. Be sure to place your weight on that foot and maintain it evenly between the front and back. Bend your knee but be sure that your knee does not cross over your toes. Act like your sitting down in a chair. You may feel like you’re going to fall but by acting like you are sitting in a chair, you target your butt and thigh muscles better.

Back lunges are the same as front lunges in execution but you are stepping backwards rather than forwards.

Repeat all three workouts 3 sets of 7.

Don't give up. It takes work to get your body healthy and happy.  These workouts shouldn't take any longer than 30 minutes each. 30 minutes 3-4 times a week to a healthier and happier life.

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