Thursday, March 21, 2013

"I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt" Week 3

Hello Readers!!!

How's it going?! Are your abs totally ripped now? No? Well silly goose, of course they aren't! It's only been a week! But keep at it. My main goal with introducing these workouts is for you to be able to custom create a work out that targets different areas of your body.

NOTE: Remember, there has to be balance. If you work out your pecs, you must also work out your back. If you focus on your torso, you must also dedicate days to working out your legs and glutes. If you do bicep curls you should also do tricep dips. Balance balance balance.

And no, our goal here isn't to be one a bodybuilder! But if it is, more power to you! Lots of time in the gym, drinking many protein shakes, and lots and lots of tanning spray! :)

While skinny may seem ok (and unfortunately highly touted as something to be achieved), skinny is just not healthy. No muscle definition and little to not fat is unhealthy! Our bodies need fat! Our bodies need muscle. Our goal here is to obtain a healthy, fit body and make you feel comfortable in your clothes and even without your clothes. Plus, the earlier, sooner and longer that you work out, the longer your body will last in your later years. Help your future self out and get active! 30 minutes a day for 5 days! At least 150 minutes of activity a week. That's only 2 hours and 30 minutes. An investment that you will be thanking yourself for 10, 20, 30 years from now.

So for this week let's focus on workouts that balance each other out. All these work outs are provided with the goal that they can be done at home. Weights can be substituted for cans of soup or water bottles.

Day 1 & 3: Chest and Back


Exercise 1: When you bring your arms back, do not do it in a swinging motion. While she is doing it fairly quick, you want controlled movements allowing your back muscles to do the work rather than momentum. As you bring your arms back, make sure to pinch your shoulder blades together. Bring arms back forward and release your shoulder blades.

Exercise 2 & 3: Same thing, controlled movements, pinched shoulder blades when you are drawing back and release on the forward. Please do not arch here. Keep your back straight from head to tailbone. 

Exercise 4: You can opt to not do this for this week since the opposite muscle group is abs. OR you can challenge yourself and do this this 4th exercise and include an ab workout from last week's list. If you do use this workout, make sure you are not swinging your legs. Controlled movement (yeah, yeah you know) and if you dont' force your legs to go too high. Go as high as you can without arching or pushing your chest out, and bring it back down. Who cares whether it is only an inch or two from your starting point. Better to have good form than ruin your back because you tried to reach too far too soon.

Chest: Chest workouts are not for men only! Chest workouts help lift the chest area and tone it also! I find these women funny to watch because they are just so happy to be working out with you :) But they are doing something right! The workouts are great!

Remember only you know whether you are really performing to the best of your abilities. Hold yourself accountable and be the loudest and best cheer team for yourself.

For these exercises, watch the video through and learn the exercises. Then do about 3 sets of 6-8 repetition. The weight you use should be enough that the last couple repetitions are a difficulty to do. You shouldn't be able to do all 8 reps without feeling something in your pecs. If you are just blowing through these workouts, then you do not have heavy enough weights.

For the push ups, be sure to maintain a straight back....and of course a smile!

Day 2 & 4: Cardio

For Day 2, I want you to do the interval training from last week. 

1st Set: First ½ of first block/driveway/space of land: walk and stretch. Last ½ of first block/ driveway/space of land: light jog

2nd Set: SPRINT! Yes I said it, SPRINT! Go as fast as you can for as long as you can. When you feel that you can’t go as fast anymore, keep going as fast as you can! Even if you slow down from your initial sprint speed, it is a-okay. I started with a crazed out “I can do this” sprint and about half way I was already jogging! But don’t worry about it and make your final goal the end of the block.

3rd Set: Walk the distance

4th Set: SPRINT! Do it all over again. As fast as you can, even if you slow down during the distance, for the whole way! Even if you slow down to a jog that is fine! Just as fast as you can at the moment! And don’t give up! 

5th Set: Cool down and Walk. Do this twice if you want a challenge or if you feel that the first round was not good enough! You can do it!

For Day 4 cardio, I want you to do a little bit of long distance jogging. You set what is long distance for you and your goal time. My goal here is to work on your endurance. A good goal to set would be to jog for 10 minutes. But maintain that jog for that 10 minutes! Or you can set the goal to jog for half a mile (a running app will help or a predetermined route around your house) and continuously jog until you complete that half mile. Whatever your goal, you set it, you achieve it.

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