Saturday, February 23, 2013

Three Curls That Will Change Your Hair Game

Hair can be a difficult thing sometimes, especially when you're trying to recreate that curly hair style that you recently saw your favorite celebrity sporting. I'm totally envious of these famous females that have celebrity hair stylists to do their hair every morning, for every event, fit for any style. Now, I am still totally and completely jealous, because it would be so nice to have someone do my hair at my beck and call, but at least now I have sorted through the difficulties, and managed to find a way to recreate the curly hair looks that we all adore, and that celebrities always rock. They can be broken down into three categories...

This look is one of the curly hair styles that almost always captivates my attention. There's something so effortlessly beautiful and flawless about the look. Plus, it helps that your hair can look a little messy because like I said, our hair can simply be damn stubborn and difficult at times. I prefer to create loose curls with large hot rollers. You roll them into your hair, clip and voila. The trick is the portions of hair that you use for each roller. I section my hair in 5 that go along the top of my head, starting at my bangs and going all the way back to the nape of my neck. I then part my left over hair into four sections; two on both sides. Curl. Clip. Take out, and hair spray.

These are very simple to create. All you need is a small curling wand, or hair curler. The trick is to keep your roots straight. You want the top of your hair to be untouched for about two inches, so when you're curling up your strands, be sure to keep this in mind because curling right up to your roots can create a crazy mess, instead of creating petite and adorable tight curls. Experiment with different sizes in barrels to find tight curls that you adore. Anything from 1/2 inch to an inch and a half should work wonders.

This is a hair style that I like to refer to as crazy party hair. Curls everywhere. Curl crazy. Curls bouncing. It's just a curly bad ass time. For this hairstyle, you want to keep your choice of hair curlers to the minimum size. I recommend a hair curler or curling wand at 1/2 inch. The trick to this hairstyle is to curl right up to the roots. This is completely opposite from what is instructed with the prior look. Now, be sure to take small sections of your hair and curl them one by one. Once you have the ringlets that you desire, pull down so it's not so tightly bunched up high on your head, and separate. This will help create a curl infused look, or as I like to call it, "Party hair!". It's bouncy, fun and flirty!

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