Friday, February 22, 2013

Nail Tools


           Woooh, It's Friday! This week went by way too fast! Alright, in previous blogs we have talked about different nail art and the different types of nails you can rock. For today's blog I want to talk exclusively about nail tools. Personally I'm a fan of nail designs, and I'm currently waiting for some tools to arrive, exciting! I have tried making designs by free hand and using bobby pins, but let me be honest, when I do my nails by freehand they usually don't look as nice. Therefore if you want nice looking deigns, I suggest investing a little on nail tools (believe me, they are very inexpensive). Let’s take a look at some of these tools.
Nail Buffer: Nail buffers are great, many women even use them on their bare nails because they provide shine and make their natural nail look nicer. However did you know that it will enhance the shininess of your nail even after you apply nail polish? That's right, you can enhance your overall look by buffering your nails at the very end, once all your polish is dry of course.
Nail Filler:  Something you should always carry around with you is a nail filler. They are super handy, if you break a nail you can easily fix it. Even after cut your nails you can use them to even them out and shape them.

Nail Brushes: Nail brushes are awesome! Sometimes our nail polishes come with bad brushes that make your nails look clumpy and gross. However if you have nail brushes, there is no problem. Another cool thing about nail brushes is that they come in different sizes, enabling you to create very fine lines that you wouldn't be able to make otherwise. Somethings you can create with fine brushes are tree branches, feathers, stripes.... the possibilities are endless, just get creative and have fun!
Dotting pens: Alright, this particular tool is not so commonly heard off, nonetheless it's a great tool to owe. The dotting pens also come in different sizes. These pens are amazing for making flowers, hearts, polk-a-dots ect. However if you don't have a dotting pen, but want to draw very fine dots you can always use the end of a bobby pin.

               Very well ladies, these are just a couple of handy nail tools to owe. You can buy them offline or at a cosmetic department. Remember it's all about getting creative and having fun doing your nails.

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