Saturday, February 9, 2013

Second Day Hair Tips

There is no need for you to lie to yourself, or us. Every girl does it. Sometimes, we simply don't shower. I like to call this is, "Second Day Hair". Whether you went out the night before and are determined to rock your new found messy girls the following morning, or you simply pressed snooze one too many times are really have no other choice other than rocking second day hair, these tips for maintaining that beast can certainly help make that mess fabulous. I'm an expert at second day hair. I really, really love my snooze button. 

THE DIRTIER THE BETTER is sometimes the way to go. Yes, I did just say that. When your hair has had a day and night to sit after a shower, it actually holds style much better. That means that second day hair is the perfect time for you to curl those bad boys. Sure, curling your hair can be somewhat time consuming but if you curled the locks a night before, take advantage of your hair being a little bit on the dirty side and fix those curls that are sticking out from all angles and be on your way. Either way, style your hair into something fabulous on second hair days because they will hold. 

DRY SHAMPOO is great for those of you who simply won't be able to handle not washing your hair. Although, you should probably know that washing your hair every day is a big no-no in the first place, but to each their own, right? If you're one of those ladies that just has to jump in the shower on a daily basis to wash their locks into a new luscious scent, then opting for dry shampoo is great for second day hair, especially when you're rocking this hair, not by choice (Ahem, snooze button, ahem). There's no blow drying and no coming and styling. Spray some dry shampoo in your hair to clean it up and voila. You'll look like a haircare commercial. 

GET CREATIVE with your locks. Second day hair certainly gives you inspiration you need, so grab your hair accessories such as bandanas, hair bands, clips and experiment. See what you can do to make your hair up into some fabulous. Aside from physical accessories, you can also play around with hair braids and twists and different buns and ponytail lengths to see which looks best for your second day hair.

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