Monday, February 11, 2013


            Hello again ladies. I hope you all have a good upcoming week.  For today’s blog I want to talk to you guys about fragrances.  I know everyone has a different taste when it comes to scents, but hey, we are all women here and we all want to smell good. Do we all agree on that? I think so. And, it’s all about being unique right? Therefore, if you like a particular smell, girl you go out there and rock that scent. Let’s look at the different type of fragrances there are out there.

Body sprays : Body sprays are good to owe as refreshers, they come with many different scents and they are super cheap. I think about body sprays as the deodorants for the body. I feel that using body sprays after breaking a sweat at work, at the gym, while doing sports, or just feeling hot on summer day, will definitely make you feel like you don’t smell, and it will make you feel refreshed! The other good thing about these sprays is that they are not heavy like perfume bottles and you can even find small bottles to fit in your bag.  

Toilette sprays : Many times there are scents that are exactly the same as the ones perfume bottles carry, but they are cheaper in price. These particular fragrances smell like an original perfume, but unfortunately they do not last very long. I happen to owe a few and I find that every time I decide to use one the scents it fades away within the hour or so. Toilettes fit right in between body sprays and perfumes. They are more expensive than body sprays, last a little longer, but their smell defiantly does not attach to your skin, as the smell of a perfume would. 

Perfumes : Okay, let’s talk about the most amazing fragrance a women can ever owe, perfumes! Ahhh I love perfumes. Perfumes are by far more expensive then body sprays but they are worth every penny if you find one that you absolutely love! A good quality perfume will last hours on your skin, and maybe even days on your clothes. And if this is the case you will not have to constantly keep spraying yourself (as you would with toilettes), which only means that your perfume bottle will last you a long time!

Very well, there you have the rundown of the different type of fragrances there are. When it comes to wearing any of these I would say that, body sprays are good for everyday use, I know some people who even like to spray themselves before bed! Toilette sprays can also be used on a daily basis for work, or school. Perfumes on the other hand; I like wearing these whenever I happen to dress up, they give your overall outfit and extra POW, because hey if you look good, and you smell delicious, you will have no problem getting away with a few things ;). I’m just kidding ladies, don’t get any ideas!

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