Thursday, February 28, 2013

Save The Date: Unique and Cute Ideas

When you are looking at Save the Date ideas, you want to create something that represents who you two are. Think of it as a physical and mailable piece of you two :) With each wedding season, couples continue to think of new and unique designs for their Save The Dates however the variety available to couples is immense! No matter your budget, there is a design that is both pocket friendly and eye catching.

Classic Save The Date Invitations: These save the dates are a perfect and simple way to invite your guests, stay within a small budget, and still be visually appealing. The great thing about these invitations is that you can have them either professionally done or completed at home. If you decide to DIY, go to a stationary store (even Target has nice pre-made stationary for occasions like this) and purchase a design that you like. You can insert these into your printer and print directly onto it. OR if you are feeling a little bit creative, try your hand at calligraphy. I don't advise this if you have a large guest list like I do! Eek! Want a bow? Go to your local fabric store and select the bow material and any embellishments you would like to add. Take your time, do some research, but this is definitely an option for any budget.


Retro Save The Date Invitations: This is where creative thinking plays a huge part! You have to remember that save the date ideas are only limited to your imagination. What can you think of? Do you both have something just says "you two?!"For example, my fiance and I are going to make our save the date like San Francisco 49er Football tickets with us picture in the front going head to head. Have fun with it! These two ideas below are so cute!! A flip book! You can do a journey of major moments in your life, funny moments, the proposal! Whatever your heart desires.

Destination Save The Date Invitations: Going somewhere specific? The beach? Italy? Mexico? Opt to do a destination themed save the date. Can't think of anything? Create a mock passport that details the "passengers" (aka you two!) and provide the details of where your guests will be meeting you two!

Unique Save The Date Invitations: Whoever thought of these were just brilliant! these are so cute and affordable! The blocks act as multiple messages as you can rotate the squares to create a whole new message. The photo strip is so simple and informative yet creative and cute! And the puzzle pieces are interactive. Definitely awesome!


 No matter what you decide on, you have to remember that this is such a small part of the wedding. Do not get your head wrapped too much around this and spend unnecessary time thinking of the "perfect" save the date. Let your guests know when and where your wonderful day is happening and leave it at that. Focus on making the party fun and memorable!

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