Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hard Water Hair Problems

Now that the cold, dry weather has been here for a couple of months now, you've probably noticed that your hair is lacking in the shiny department. The reason for that is because your locks are probably lacking hydration. The cold has sucked those bad boys dry, haven't they? It's happened to me too, and although we have all gone through a variety of regimes to try to keep your hair healthy throughout this frisky fierce and cold weather, chances are that the texture and moisture in your hair isn't at it's peak. Now, with the cold weather and hard water, chances are that your hair is probably feeling like mine does right now, and that's harsh. Or in other words, absolutely horrendous, and with hard water harsh hair, it makes it almost impossible to deal with and work into cute hairstyles. So what do you say? Let's get rid of that hard hair right now, shall we? If you can't get a water softener, these tips will help fight the hard water syndrome.

Sometimes the issue that you're having with your harsh-feeling hair could be directly from the fact that you're showering in hard water. Since we are living in the 21st century, the majority of homes do have a water softener and you probably shower in soft water, but if the salt is low in that big machine down in the basement corner, or you're living in an older home, you could be battling the hard water monster. I say monster because not only will it leave your skin dry and itchy, it'll have your hair dry and crunchy. Ew. If getting a water softener isn't in your budget, or topping it up with some new salt isn't an option, install a shower head filter. Although it's not as efficient as having soft water throughout your home, it will certainly help deter that hard hair feeling, leaving your hair with a little less crunch and a little more shine!

Essentially hard water is water that has the junk it in that you don't want, or at least, that what I like to refer to it as.  It's not being filtered through a system, so it's not removing the minerals and chemicals that are causing that harsh feeling on your skin and hair. Chelating shampoos are made specifically to get rid of the mineral buildup that you will absolutely get with hard water problems. So if you're feeling like your hair is much more harsh than usual, try to reverse the process and opt for a chelating shampoo for a bit. 

I talk a lot about using natural oils on your hair, and that's because they are so amazing. Argan oil is said to be the best for adding moisture into your locks and keeping it there, so if you can get your hands on a bottle, definitely do so. Other than that, save your pennies and totally invest in a process that will make your water soft. It will be so much better for your hair, skin and the way you feel! 

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