Monday, January 14, 2013

Taking Care of Sensitive Skin

     Hi ladies, today I want to specifically talk about sensitive skin. Every skin type is different but there are many women out there who suffer because their skin is sensitive to various products. And lets be honest, when it comes to your skin it's worth spending money on it (spending money on anything else is optional). Now you may be wondering what types of things can I use on my skin so it does not get irritated? Well lets take a look:
Soap/ body wash: Many times the original soap bar is bought and there is nothing wrong with that of course but it should just be any soap you use (definitely not for sensitive skin). If you suffer from sensitive skin you should buy organic soap, this way your skin won't have a reaction to all the chemicals that are incorporated in a bar of soap. Another thing you can try is oatmeal body wash (this is the best!). When I was younger my skin would get irritated and I was recommended to bathe in actual oatmeal, and boy did it work. Over the years my skin has improved but I still sometimes use oatmeal (only this time I use oatmeal body wash by aveeno. The daily skin care brings in the shower, so pick your soap/ body wash wisely.
Shaving Creams: There are many good shaving creams out there that can be used on sensitive skin, they cause no irritation and leave the skin feeling very soft. On the other hand if you want to save a couple of bucks you can try using olive oil or some of you everyday soap (believe me it works).
Lotion/ Body Butter/ Sun Block: Okay, the next step for taking care of sensitive skin is moisturizing with especial lotions and butters. Once again I recommend oatmeal lotion (they are the best and smell delicious). Lotions keep you skin feeling refreshed, so it's important to do it on a daily basis. When it comes to body butters I have no particular favorite, however I do suggest that you look at the labels, they tell you which butter is for sensitive skin ( don't just grab one). All the same rules apply for buying sun protection, read the bottle and make sure it can be used on your skin (especially because you are going to be out in the sun).
The Face: The same exact process
as the ones listed above (except for the shaving) apply for your face. However this time make sure to buy facial products. Many young women thin that taking care of the face starts when you begin getting wrinkles, but my friend that is not the case. One should start taking care of the face at a young age (and no I'm not talking about wrinkle cream, I'm referring to moisturizing lotions and five washes).
      There you have it ladies; if you have sensitive skin definitely follow these tips and I can guarantee you will see the difference!


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    1. My pleasure, I hope you find these tips useful :)

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