Friday, January 11, 2013

It’s All about Selecting the Right Bag


     Are you bag crazy? Do you love having your make up, wallet, cell phone ect nicely packed in a bag/purse? I know I do, it feels odd of I don't carry a bag around. But lets be honest, choosing a bag to match an outfit can sometimes be difficult (The term bag is very vague, when I'm referring to bags I'm referring to purses, back packs, and clutches).There are hundreds of bags out there, which makes it more difficult to decide which one to buy or which one to buy and whether it’s comfortable or not, but not to panic. Today I would like to share with you some tips about selecting and purchasing a bag.
Work/ School Bag:
I love absolutely big purses because you can fit so many things (and geez, how do we take advantage of this). However if you are a petite women you are better of sticking with smaller bags because wearing a big bag will only make you look smaller. If you're a petite try purchasing bags that are above your waist (in doing this you won’t look as tiny compared to your bag). If you're the type of women who always has to carry a lot of things and a laptop I would suggest buying a lap top case, but not just a case that's for the computer but rather one in where you can also fit your other things. The beauty about purchasing these types of cases is that they look good on anyone and they can carry quite a bit of supply. If you go to school and have to carry many books on top of the lap top I would highly suggest purchasing a back pack that can also carry a lap top.
Your Going out Purse: Your going out purse should be moderate size ( moderate can mean different things to different people, but let me Emphasize on what I mean by moderate size. In your bag you should be able to carry all the things you need and then some, it should also be comfortable and easy to carry. This type of bag can be a strap on or one that you carry on your shoulder. The things I love about regular purses are that they go good with anything!  
Especial Event Bags: Oh clutches, they can be difficult to pick out. These bags are tiny, you're lucky if you can fit your wallet in there, but they are very pretty, and many of them are also very elegant. It's not necessary to have a lot of clutches as long as you have one or two that match everything. Before purchasing one of these bags you must make sure your phone fits; nowadays phones have become bigger and don’t fit in these tiny bags. When using clutches you only have room for the things you need, like your phone, your ID, some cash, lipstick/lip-gloss, and your keys. You may be asking  “how will I survive without the rest of my things? " Believe me you will, in fact you will be surprised that we women sometimes carry a lot more than we need. Clutches are usually worn to weddings, birthdays and dances. I personally find them to be very safe because they are always attached to your wrist or strapped on your shoulder. They are very light in weight ( because again you can't fit many things in them) which means you can go on and bust a move on the dance floor without your bag disrupting you or the people around you. They are definitely comfortable and I would recommend that everyone women have one in her closet!
     Very well ladies, these are my quick tip on bags. Remember it's all about comfort, don't carry around too many things just what you need, especially in those big bags you don't want your back to hurt. And once again keep in mind that it doesn't matter if you own a very little amount of bags as long as they match everything and  you take good care of them ( sometimes having too many bags can create a dilemma on which one you should wear).


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