Monday, January 21, 2013

Fun and Easy to use Hair Accesories

      Every now and then a women gets bored of her hair, or frustrated by it if it doesn't turn out the way planed( hair can be stubborn many times). Or perhaps you work in a place in where you have to have your hair up due uniform code. If this is the case you can benefit from some of the things I'm going to suggest. I have tried them all at a certain time and I absolutely love what they do to my hair; and believe it or not they require very little skills and effort! lets take a look at what these magic hair accessories are.

Banana Clips
: Do you remember watching those television shows back in the day, where girls would have big curly hair tied up? (yeeeeah…. a couple of years back). Well ladies guess what they were using banana clips! And these clips are still around today, which mean you can still achieve this look. All you need to do is curl or straighten (if you want that tv look) and put on a banana clip. The clip shouldn't be loose and it should hold all your hair nicely (If you leave it loose it's going to fall out). Another secret about these particular accessories is that they create an illusion, making your look longer (and if you decide to straighten your hair it will look even longer!).
Headbands: Okay, many of us think headbands? They’re so grade school, but are they really? I don't think so. There are hundreds if not thousands of different headbands for different ages. On special occasion you can rock a glam headband (you can choose to tease your hair for more POW). Or you can just rock a pretty headband on a regular day. Another type of look you can achieve is the Greek goddess look. Have you ever seen those thin braid like headbands?  Well those headband don't actually go on your head, instead they hug it. These particular bands look lovely when the hair is wavy or slightly curled.
Double Hair Combs (EZ combs): These accessories were a hit about three years ago, and believe me they are the best hair accessory I have ever bought! When you are in a rush for an event or when you just don't feel like putting too much thought in doing your hair these are perfect. They come with different tips on what styles you can achieve (and they are super easy to follow).  You can either put all your hair up or have it half way up. When you have it up however it looks very elegant (and depending on which clip you buy it looks even better). People who don't know about these clips are wowed and compliment you on your hair, when all you really do is clip it. This is a must have accessory, try it out and I promise you won't regret it!
      Alright ladies, that brings us to the end of today's blog. Remember if you get bored of doing the same things to your hair   try out new hair accessories and have fun with them.

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