Saturday, January 19, 2013


Its the New Year. You're striving for a new, revamped you, and what's a better way of doing just that than changing up your locks? Now, you may cringe at the thought of cutting off your long, luscious locks, or the thought of changing up the hue that you've been rocking since high school (Hint! Hint!), but don't worry! I'm not going to be giving you hair tips that everyone provides. Duh! Can you say bor-ing? I'd like to think that I'm a little more original than that. Thanks, guys! On a serious note, here are some hair colour tips that will help to create a new you that won't have you crying in a salon seat with your hands full of hair.... Unless you want to do that, then all the power to you! I'm going to say that starting the new year off crying probably isn't the best idea, so consider these hair revamping tips instead!

This is a hair colour tip for the ladies really willing to take on a life changing experience. Okay, so that's a little dramatic but if you're used to rocking super light locks, switching to a tone that is dark as night can totally change the name of the game! It will change, not only your look, but your attitude, appeal and confidence.... Hopefully all for the better. Oh, I'm just kidding! As long as you rock it proudly, you'll look like a total babe! Do you dare to switch it up from platinum to noir. Just remember ladies, going blackest as black can be extremely permanent. It's definitely not a one day deal, so commit to the look before you do the dye.

Are you thinking that this is the same colour tip as the prior? False! This one is definitely much less drastic, and the transition is much easier, while still giving you a total makeover. If you're looking to simply change up your look without totally going out of your comfort level, this is a fabulous option that won't leave every one's jaws on the ground, but rather, smiling with approval. If you're used to being a sweet little blonde, you can start this year off by being a daring and confident brunette. 

This hair colour tip comes with a little bit of a life evaluation because electric blue and neon orange may not be the proper cards for your future. The only reason that I suggest you evaluate your situation prior to purchasing multicoloured highlights is because you don't want to lose your job as an accountant because you now look like a rock band super star. If your daring dye job won't disrupt your current lifestyle, than give'er! Unless you want to go out of your job with a bang.... To each their own, right?

Now, I'm not saying that multicoloured highlights isn't fashionable. I'm simply giving you an alternative if you will lose your job for rocking that look. Bright and fun blasts of colours are super trendy right now, and can be added into your locks elegantly. With some fuschia strips, or red tips, you can channel your inner wild child, while keeping it professional and realistic for every day. 

There's truly no better way to spice up these rather dark and dreary days of the new year that have left our locks lacking the oomph that we desire! These unique colour tips will certainly have you loving your new, updated you... and hair do!

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