Friday, January 18, 2013

Tips on Saving


       Okay, we might as well admit it already, we all love spending money on clothes, shoes, bags ect. We women see shopping as some type of therapy! And hey if you work hard, you got to treat yourself. But come on, let’s be realistic, many times we buy things we don't actually need; sometimes they may even sit in our closets for months (I too have been guilty of this). Other times we spend too much money on food, but who's to blame you, a girl's got to eat ( but don't eat out all the time). Today I want to talk about being money smart, and things you can do to save.

Open up More Bank Accounts
: A lot of the time we just have one bank account, but think about it, you can potentially save more in two or three different banks. One bank can be your main bank where you pay of your mortgage and bills. The other bank can be used for groceries and you can also save up for other things. The beauty about having two or three banks is that you can divide your money; you can put some away for interest and watch it grow in a certain amount of time. Another thing I want to mention is to always remember to have money saved up for any type of emergency (in either bank, you choose).
Budget: Every time you go out shipping or just spend money for your own luxury make sure you set a limit. Many times when we go shopping we don't set a limit and then regret buying certain things because we don't even know when we will wear them (ladies let's be wiser on the budgeting). Another thing you can do is save a certain amount of money for when you want to go shopping that way you won't feel too guilty because you have specifically saved up for it.
Surprise Yourself: You know how every-time you are invited to an event you have to spend money, and most of the time you take extra cash? Well if you do take extra cash and you don't spend it, leave it in your purse. Now you’re probably thinking why? Well, if it’s a purse or clutch you don't use often, next time you do use it you will surprise yourself with some extra cash. And think about it you already took that money out of your bank account so pretend as if it’s not there.
      Okay, there are my few tips on how to save your money and how to be smart about it.  If you sort your money in two or three bank accounts the more it will grow. Remember setting limits is key. On another note, did you know that we can learn a something from squirrels? Squirrels hide their nuts all over, sometimes they even forget where (For this reason I suggested all the things above, because once you realize it, you will have saved a quite decent amount of money).

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