Monday, December 3, 2012

Ways of Showing your Man Love and Attention


             Do you ever feel like you’re always so preoccupied with either work or school (or both) and have no time to show your boyfriend/ husband some love and attention? Let’s face it no one is perfect and sometimes we get too caught up in our responsibilities. In fact sometimes we may even push people away unintentionally (we may not notice it, but believe me the boyfriend/ husband certainly does).So how about I share some ideas on some simple things you can do that let your man know how much you love and care about him.
Lunch Box Surprise:
If you're the type of women who makes lunch for your boyfriend/ husband surprise him with something. It could be as simple as writing him a letter letting him know how much you love and care about him, make sure you tell him why you’re so crazy about him (It's always nice to be reminded). Remember it doesn't have to be his birthday or Valentine’s Day for you to express how you feel about him.
Be Spontaneous: If you happen to be walking by a store and you see something that your boyfriend/ husband would like, buy it for him. It shows that you were thinking of him during the day. Or better yet buy your man tickets for the sport he enjoys watching. This gesture doesn’t only let him know that you were thinking about him but it also shows that you are sorry for not having been paying attention to him during the past couple of days. Then again who doesn’t love being spoiled by their significant other?
Game with Him: What guy doesn’t like video games? Ladies try gaming with him. Even if you’re not a master like he is, he’s got to love you for trying. And hey it’s all about having fun, right? But then again you may surprise him and yourself on how fast you get the hang of it. 

Give Him a Massage/ Cook for Him: if your man has a long day at work and he is feeling sore, give him a massage, nothing says I care about your wellbeing more than a massage. After make sure you make him a meal (nothing makes a man happier than food, so feed his belly!). If you don’t live with him, go out of your way to show your affection, cook a home meal and take it to him. To make him even more impressed you can choose to make him his favorite type of pastry.

             Very well, ladies these are just very few tips on things you can do to show your partner love and attention. Remember there are countless of other things you can do, it's all about being creative. Also remember that even though you know how much you love him, he may not know and he may question it if he is not reminded. Therefore make sure to always do a little something to show him that you do pay attention to your relationship and that you love him very, very, very much.

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