Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's all about the Nails! (Designs)

Everywhere you look these days, you see amazing designs, every color under sun and cute little pictures smack dab on not only fashion, but on fingernails! Manicures and the cutes nail polish designs are quickly becoming the quintessential fashion statement of the moment. And, nail polish is now serving an important function for the many individuals who strive to be in style and chic at all times. Nail polish serves as a very powerful fashion statement as well as an additional way of accessorizing an outfit. And, with the winter season upon us and the holidays quickly approaching, there are numerous shades of gorgeous nail color that is sprouting out all over the place. Everything from shiny foil silver and sparkly gold hues to deep mahogany browns and peach, the colors of nail polish choices are endless. Some other great and wonderful nail polishes that are out in the market right now are Kelly green, sky blue and bright yellow.

But, with all the new nail polish colors out there, what does a fashionista do with them? Well, first of all, they utilize them to their fullest by never letting them chip and replacing the color frequently. But, the real creativity comes out when ladies use a pretty nail polish color and utilize it to its fullest with cute and fun designs. One of the newest and easiest designs to do is a dot pattern on the nails. Anyone can do this simple design and yet it still looks intricate and very skillful when put on the nails. This dot pattern is achieved by simply starting out with any color polish and painting all your nails. Colors that work best as the base include colors such as teal, white or bright pink. Then with a contrasting color such as white or black, you would paint on little mini dots, creating a dotted effect on your nails. This look is both easy to achieve and looks spectacular when paired with all the winter scarves and hats of the season.

The dots are easy to apply with simply the nail polish brush, or if you really want to get technical, the use of a toothpick or pin can also be used for precise application. Finish off this look with a strong top coat and you are good to go. Another look of the moment is the half moon manicure trend. This nail design is accomplished through the use of little paper reinforcement stickers that you find in the stationary section of any drug store. First, you would paint your nails any color and then make sure you have a contrasting color on hand for the next step. Wait for your nails to completely dry and then go on to the next step. Get out the paper reinforcement stickers that you have and cut them in half. Place the half moon side up on your nail, starting at the base of each nail. Then paint your nail above the half moon with a contrasting color. When this next coat is dry, take off the sticker and all you will see are two colors stacked one on top of the other with an interesting half moon design separating them. This look is easy and most importantly, very inexpensive to achieve.

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