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The warrior woman ponytail is the hautest hair tutorial that you can learn about right now. You see top models rocking the runway in these, as well as the most adored celebrities strutting their stuff down the red carpet rocking a fierce warrior inspired hair style, so what in the world are us "normal people" waiting for? Seriously! We need to jump on this trend for more than just one reason. The first one being that it's obviously super sexy, sassy and something fierce. Let me hear you roar!? Okay... too far? Well, another reason why you need to learn how to kill this look is because it's obviously simple enough to do within 5 minutes of having to leave the house. Damn you, snooze button. We've been there. Don't lie. You have too. Alright, but enough of this blabber gabber. Here are the top tips that you need to rock this feisty hairstyle!

Oh, wait! I guess I should tell you what a warrior woman ponytail is first, right? If you can't tell from the picture, it's a really sleek and pulled back ponytail that sits pretty high on your head. Think back to the Spice Girls days where Sporty Spice killed a great high ponytail. Essentially, it's the same thing. So let's HI-YA your way to karate chopping, warrior fighting ponytail flipping style.

PROMISING PRODUCTS is totally the biggest tip for this hairstyle that is the talk of the runways for this season. Since the warrior ponytail is so strictly pulled back, it's important that you contain any frizzes and flyaways with products that keep their products. What does that mean? Well, use prestigious products that actually do what their cute little bottle says.

TAD BIT OF TEXTURE.... or a lot, just make sure you have some in this hairstyle. Since it's such a bold and stunningly fierce look, you must add a little bit of texture to ensure that you get the rock glam, yet feisty warrior appeal. Don't forget to also add in some nice sparkling serum to make your hair firmer, while adding that shine that every girl's locks need!

ADD AN ACCESSORY. No. I'm not talking about adding a necklace and some knuckle finger rings. Instead, add a cuff to your hair band. This little addition of glam and sparkle will keep the look feminine and will certainly achieve the warrior look as opposed to just a "high ponytail". After all, the latter isn't what's trendy, right? It's specifically all about the warrior ponytail.

So add a little heat and spice to this rather chilly and frigid season with a fierce warrior ponytail. At least now you know how to do so effortlessly and fabulously!

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